Press Release issued by the five major Left students’ organizations of India


All sections, except the corporates, of Indian society have registered their anger and protest over the extremely ill-treatment they have met with by the Narendra Modi government. Those sections are cutting across the categories such as farmers, workers, Dalits, religious minorities, teachers, unemployed youth etc. Students have been one of the worst affected sections in the country under the NDA regime. There h…

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The bill brought by Modi government and passed by both the houses of parliament allowing 10% reservation for the “economically backward” among the forward castes is just an election gimmick and a tool to mask their failures in creating more jobs for the youth in the country. Though the parameters to figure out the economic backwardness is ill-defined and without the backing of any data the initial reports have shown that those whose annual income is less than 8 lakh will be considered for this benefit. Calling those who are earning about 67 thousand per month "poor" is a mockery to…

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Comrade Simon Britto lives on..!!

The Central Executive Committee of SFI pays our heartfelt homages to the demise of Comrade Simon Britto who have left us after living an extraordinary life as a 'living martyr'. In 1983, when Comrade Britto was SFI State Vice-President, he was attacked and stabbed by KSU-Congress(I) goons. So bloody was the attack that he had to spend 3 months bed-ridden leaving his body was paralyzed spine down. But by sheer courage and determination, he got back to life, thereby earning the title of “Living Martyr”. 

The deep spinal injuries had paralysed his body chest down. He continued l…

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Where is Our Fellowship?; Dec 21, All India Protest Day

As part of the fellowship movement the central executive committee of SFI urged all the university units and research institutes to organise protest demonstration for increasing fellowship and its regular disbursement. SFI will be holding protest demonstration on these demands on 21st December, 2018. SFI demands that the government has to intervene in the following matters with urgency:

  1.  Non-NET fellowships should be increased by at-least 50 % from the current session.
  2. A hike according to the inflation of last 4 years and regular disbursement of fellowship of JRF, CSIR and ICCSR or…

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