Thursday, 02 February 2023

The Symbol of social responsibility, and self-sacrifice Com Samiran Bhattacharya was born on 5th December, 1958. He is from West Midnapore, West Bengal. His parents came to India during the violent, brutal riot. His father Jagadish Bhattacharya was elected from the Ghatal Loksabha constituency as the Communist Party candidate. He was enrolled to K.D College in the Commerce stream during his higher study and became the General Secretary of the Students' Union of the college. He was very much inspired by the communist ideology from his childhood. On that time during the heavy flood, trying to rescue a baby he sacrificed his own life on 1st September, 1978.

Com G. Bhuvanaeswaran was from Alappuzha, Kerala. His parents were Sri P. Gopala Krishna Kurup and Smt Pankajakshi Amma. Com G. Bhuvanaeswaran was championing the cause of the students and stood in the forefront in exposing the pretensions of the KSU. On 2nd December 1977 the KSU goondas unleashed attacks in the Pandalam NSS college Campus and attacked Com Bhuvaneswaran and Com Raghu, who were in the mathematics department of the college. They were admitted in the hospital and Comrade Bhuvaneswaran breathed his last on 7th December 1977.

Com Ranjan Goswami was born on 7th July, 1943. His parents were Sri Lalit Mohon Goswami and Smt Suhasini Devi. Com Ranjan Goswami was a well known leader in the sphere of student movement in West Bengal in the 1970s as a dauntless fighter and a devoted disciple of the progressive philosophy. Com Ranjan Goswami will remain a never failing soul of one inspiration.
Com Ranjan Goswami was born in the year 1943 and was educated in the renowned Nimta High School. He came in contact with a distinguished Left minded teacher Shri Timirlal Mitra .He joined the left students' movement during the year 1956-1957 and became a regular worker of the leftist movement since 1960.

During the year 1962 when the leaders of the communist movement were arrested with the enforcement of the Indian Defense Act, Com Ranjan played a prominent role. He also played a very important part in the year 1963 when under the leadership of Com Dinesh Majumder, the BPSF was newly formed by Comrades Biman Basu, Subhasish Chakraborty, Biplab Halim, Ranjan Goswami, Nirmala Brambhachari etc.

During this period, many students, inspired by the brilliant leadership and idealism of Com Ranjan Goswami, got attracted to politics. He also won for him a place in the heart of the common people as a able leader resisting the despotic semi-fascist terror that was let loose between 1972-1977. Com Ranjan Goswami was elected as the treasurer of the central committee of the Students Federation of India.

It was 11th June, 1977. It was the day for Assembly Election in West Bengal. The whole of Bengal was eagerly awaiting the victory of the Left Front Government. Our comrades were returning home after the day's hard labour.

While coming back with Com Radhika Banarjee, the nominated CPI (M) candidate from Kamarhati Assembly Constituency, Com Ranjan Goswami was hit by a fatal bullet at his door-step. Com Ranjan's blood smeared body fell on the ground. He was taken to the hospital with this serious bullet injury due to the non-availability of 'O' negative blood, he succumbed to his injury in the hospital on the 11th July 1977.

Comrade Velayudhan was a student at Koduvayoor High school, in Palakkadu District, Kerala and he propagated a philosophy which was against religious fanaticism. This provoked RSS and Sangh Parivar and they attacked him with weapons. They stabbed him piercing his back bone, paralyzing him and forced him to lay on bed for 16 months. He lost his life after a long fight with death on 19th December 1976.