Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Hridyanada Sau was 12 years old when he was brutally murdered on the 3rd of April 1981. He was a student of sixth class and his father was a worker in a factory in Beliaghatta, West Bengal. He was the leader of the agitation against the closure of his school run by a Congress leader. Angered by the dynamism of this young comrade the Congress goondas threw a bomb on him when he was on his way to the school. The entire left part of his face blew off and he died on the spot.

Com Somasundram and Com Sembulingam played a vital role in the struggle launched by SFI against the caste domination in 1980s. They both were born in a poor dalit family in a small village of Thirunalveli district, near Madurai, Tamilnadu. They studied in Madurai Thiyagarajar Engineering College as first generation graduates of their families. Due to their hard work, Com Somasundram was elected as unit secretary and Com Sembulingam as College Chairman. This was unpalatable to the casteist people in the college. In the elections, SFI candidates got a huge victory. They made a lot of efforts in the college to abolish corruption and rectify the inefficiencies of the hostel management. As a result, many students were inspired and a lot of them joined in our organisation. The caste dominators could not tolerate this and planned to murder Somusundram and Sembulingam. When the students were not in hostel, they used the occasion and arranged goondas to carry out the murder. First, they cruelly murdered Sembulingam in the hostel. Then they searched for Somasundram, but could not find him in the hostel. When he came back after finishing his organizational work, they chased Somasundram and stabbed him cruelly outside the college. They were martyred on 31st of March, 1981.


Com Roor Singh was from a family of poor farm workers. He was a SFI district Secretary of Amritsar, Punjab. He was also a member of the state ITI and polytechnic students' action committee. Com Roor Singh was a meritorious student and was in the final year of his ITI course. He was killed because he refused to down the red flag flying on his house. He declared to the ruling class goondas who had asked him to down the red flag that even if he were to be killed the flag would not be lowered from the roof of his house. He was murderd by goondas at the Tarn Tari bus stop on the 4th of October 1980 while he was on his way back from an ITI-Polytechnic students' rally.

Janmijoy Nath was born on 2nd December, 1955 and was martyred on 4th October, 1980. He was from Chakchaka Gaon, near Sorbhog, Barpeta dstrict, Assam. He was born into a middleclass family and his father was a PWD worker. He passed pre-university examination from near by Barnagar Higher Secondary School. Com Nath was an active worker of the SFI and worked hard to strengthen Left and democratic movement in his area. The goondas of the chauvinist movement attacked him with sharp-weapons near his house and killed him on the spot.