Thursday, 02 February 2023

He was the victim of RSS communal insanity. Com KR Thomas was the district committee member and chairman of the SFI Trichur Government college unit, Kerala. Thomas also found time to organize peasants and gave effective leadership to the peasants and common people. He played crucial role in enlightening them ideologically, He was attacked on 3rd November 1981 while on the way to his home along with Comrade Lohithakshan. The RSS "goondas" attacked him with lethal weapons and he succumbed to death at the hospital on the same day.

Com Major Singh was the secretary of SFI, Shri Ganganagar town committee, Rajasthan and an able comrade who was organizing students and resolutely fighting against the anti-student policies of the Congress government. SFI grew into a major force under his leadership and this proved to be an irritant to the local Congress leaders as they were no longer to pursue their selfish designs. Unable to bear this threat to their dominance they decided to physically eliminate the leaders of our organisation. The anti-social Youth Congress goondas with the overt support of the local Congress MLA attacked the SFI office on 24th July 1981 and kept on firing on the office for more than an hour. After this hour long attack, Com Major Singh decided to go to the local police station to register an FIR on the culprits. The Congress goondas lurking on the streets, waiting for an opportunity immediately shot him dead on 24th July 1981.

Son of Mr Kakkottil Oningam Appu, and Smt Karthyani of Kozhikode district Kerala, Com Pradeep kumar was a martyr of organized feudalism. On 13th July, 1981, the students of AKKR High School took out a procession under the leadership of Com Pradeep kumar protesting the hike in student's bus fare. In the commotion the driver moved the bus forward and it ran over Comrade Pradeep Kumar. He was subjected to major surgery at the medical college hospital, but the doctors were unable to save his life. He was martyred on 13th July 1981.

Com Bharathi's father Dr Subba Reddy worked in People's Hospital in Nellore and later settled in Bhodan in Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh. He had four children including Bharathi. Dr Subba Reddy established People's Hospital in Bodhan and used to serve the people. He also encouraged his children to take part in democratic organisations. Com Bharathi participated actively in SFI. In her school days, in January 1980, school head master introduced new rules that students must come with a new set of uniform. The students refused saying that as in the course of two months they were going to leave the institution they could not afford to buy the new uniform. Com Bharathi took an active part in this struggle. She was the first district President of SFI, Nizamabad. The entire family of Com Bharathi became an eyesore for the vested interests in that area and they had planned to eliminate them. Some miscreants brutally murdered her parents who were sleeping outside the house, entered the house and inserted iron rods into the eyes of the children including Com Bharathi and killed them. After fighting with death for one month, she lost out and ended her life in May, 1981.