Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Deepak Sarma of Ramkrishna Nagar, Cachar district, Assam was killed in a police firing on 18th November, 1982. He was a good organiser and an active SFI worker.

Gauranga Paul was born in the year 1954 and was murdered by the chauvinist forces on the independence day of our country-15th August, 1982. He was son of Sri Gakul Chandra Paul and Mrs. Sandhya Rani Paul of Goreswar area, Kamrup District, Assam. After his primary education, he started a retail business to sustain his family. On that very day, he was returning home from the procession against war and imperialism held in the Goreswar station field along with his other comrades. The AASU and the supporter of the Asom Gana Sangram Parishad (AGSP) attacked them on the way to home and Com. Gauranga Paul was killed on the spot. Some of the other comrades were also severely injured in that attack. Com. Paul was a good organiser of the SFI there.

Com Lalchand was born in a landless poor family in Varnasi district in Uttar Pradesh. Com Lalchand was a district committee member of SFI and convener of Ashok Intermediate College Unit. By nature he was very courageous and first to face any hardship. He sacrificed his life fighting against the inhuman policies of Congress Government. Comrade Lalchand was student of 10th class at the time of his death. On 19th January, 1982 all the central trade unions have given a call for all India general strike. This strike was supported by the organisations of peasants, youth, students and other democratic forces across the country. Thus this strike got converted into Bharat Bandh. People of Varanasi too supported and took an active part in making this Bharat Bandh a success and thus register their protest against the anti-people policies of the Congress government. Students, under the leadership of SFI too played a leading role in this struggle to make it a success. Approximately 300 students were put in the jail. On 19th January, in Babury Bazar near about one thousand youth, students, workers and farmers sat in a peaceful dharna. Suddenly police reached the place and began to open fire without any provocation on the masses who were sitting in the dharna. Firing continued for nearly three hours. But the courageous people faced this firing and assault without running away from the site. In this police firing, Com Lalchand and his brother Com Bhola sacrificed their life on 19th January 1982, while 32 people were seriously injured due to the bullets. His brother Bhola was a leader of Kisan Sabha.

Com Sree Kumar was the leading spirit behind the rapid growth of SFI at SN College, Kollam, Kerala. He was the son of Sri Kuttan Pillai and Smt Gomathi Amma. Realizing that they are losing ground the ABVP and RSS miscreants in the college and its vicinity decided to clear him from their way. They entered the college Campus on the sly and they not only stabbed Sree Kumar but also prevented him from being taken to the hospital. He died before hundreds of students due to severe bleeding on 4th January 1982.