Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com. Aneesh Rajan was  Vice President of SFI Idukki district committee. He was brutally killed by Congress goondas on 18 th March 2012. He was the son of  Com.V.C.Rajan & Sabitha Rajan. In Nedunganda the native place of Aneesh Rajan, congress goondas unleashed vandalism and attack against Tamil minority workers after the Mullapperiyar issue. The Tamil workers are activists of C.I.T.U and on the day also, congress goondas attacked several workers which includes women. Com. Aneesh Rajan was on his way to Estate to see the workers who were attacked. But, he became the victim of the scoundrels. Comrade Aneesh Rajan who resisted the attack on Tamil workers was brutally killed by Congress goondas.

Com: A B Bijesh was fromThrissur District. He was the secretariate member of SFI Thrissur District Committee when he was brutally murdered by NDF fundamentalists in the year 2009.On the day of 23rd October com:A B Bijesh was brutally attacked by NDF activists while he was on his way to c o-operative bank,where com:A B Bijesh got a temperary job. He left us on 2nd November 2009.Com:A B Bijesh and his movement played a lead role against the fundamental activities of NDF,which was the reason behind the attack by the muslim fundamentalist organisation on Com:A B Bijesh. We salute the brave legacy of comrade Ab Bijesh and pledge to carry forward his struggles for a better world.

The memory of  brave martyr Comrade Sajin Shahul who was murdered  by RSS-ABVP goons in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala will inspire our struggles always. SFI leader Com. Sajin was a student of Government ITI, Dhanuvachapuram, Thiruvananthapuram, and was in the forefront of the fight against communal-fascist forces. The fatal attack occurred on 29 August, 2013, when RSS-ABVP thugs attacked his institute and threw bombs at SFI activists. Com. Sajin, who was only 18 years old, suffered serious head injuries and was on ventilator for a month until he passed away on 1 October, 2013. SFI dips its banner in honour of our valiant comrade and pledges to continue the fight to fulfill his unfinished tasks.

Com Debobroto Pramanik, was a second year student of Tufanganj, a sub-division in West Bengal. He was SFI activist and also a member of the Nakkatigach local committee. Criminals of Trinamool Congress attacked and vandalised the local committee office on 11th of June 2008 as their mode of protest against the Left Front government's developmental policies and industrialisation. Com Debobroto was present in the office at that time and tried to restrict these criminals. Unable to digest the fact they were being challenged by a young lad they vented their fury on him and brutally murdered him.