Thursday, 02 February 2023

In Sikar, Rajasthan, a brutal police attack and firing on students of Jat boarding hostel led to the death of 15 years old SFI activist Com Kanha on 22nd April, 1987. He was a 9th class student and an important cadre of our organisation. Over 20 other people including SFI activists and veteran leaders of the democratic movement were arrested. The police attack followed a massive rally in Sikar to protest against the steep hike in court fee. Police opened fire from the top of Congress (I) minister Sri Mahavir's residence. They had fired two hundred rounds of ammunition into the adjacent boarding hostel, which was identified by them as a stronghold for SFI. The injured Com Kanha was kept in police custody for over 4 hours without the medical attention. After his death, relatives were not allowed to undertake proper cremation and the police surreptitiously cremated him 22 km away from his native village.

Com Baijnath Prasad, President of the Ranchi District Committee and member of its Bihar State Committee, was shot dead by hoodlums of the caste-based Bhoomi Sena on 9th April, 1987. Com Baijnath was talking to some adivasi students who were to organize a rally in the Ranchi University campus in support of their demands when the incident took place. He was suddenly attacked by the Bhoomi Sena thugs who first short him in his leg and then through the chest and finally stabbed him. The Professor in charge of the Ranchi Government Polytechnic, where Com Baijnath was leading a struggle, was also suspected to be involved in this heinous murder.

Com Pushpa, 14 years old, was a class 8 student in a school in Radhanagar, Bandwan, in the Purulia district, West Bengal. On 11th March 1987 while returning from school in the evening she was way laid by anti-social elements belonging to Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. They then gang-raped her and finally murdered her brutally.

Com Prafulla Goswami of Gellepara, Sorbhog, Assam was an active SFI worker. He was murdered by the AASU hooligans on 4th November, 1986.