Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Anil was from Pathanamthitta district Kerala. He was a student of 9th standard and the class leader of Pathanamthitta Vayyattupuzha School. He was murdered by RSS goondas as an act of revenge against his father. The cruel murders thrust the trident into his corpse. He was murdered while his father was in police custody on 8th December 1988. The murder of Com Anil exemplifies how far the communal forces can brutally act in life. He was killed before the eyes of his sister from the premises of his house on the 8th December 1988.

Com Sajeevan was the son of Sri Parajimel Kunchi Chekku and Smt Kalyani of Kozhikode district, Kerala. When he was returning from his friend Achuthan's house at Mannatt along with his friends the Muslim League goondas sprang on them from all the four corners. Com Sajeevan was stabbed from behind. The son of Parayinmel Kunjichekku and Kalyani, was murdered by the communal forces on 23rd October 1988.

Com Sabu is from Kottayam district Kerala. Com Sabu's contribution in organizing students of St. Marys College, Mannarkad has been significant. He was a first year Degree student of St. Mary's College, Mannarkkad. He rose to the leadership of the college SFI unit as soon as he joined the campus as a first year student. He was only eighteen when murdered by the congress goondas on 24th January 1988. They unleashed vandalism when they were defeated in the Panchayat election. He died of serious injuries inflicted from the glass pieces thrust into his body.

Comrade Virendra and Vinod were activists of the Students' Federation of India and were residents of the Baghaura Village of the Aurangabad District in Bihar. On the night of the 29th May 1987, in one of the most gruesome caste violence in the Baghura and Dalel Chowk villages of Aurangabad there was a mass massacre in which 46 people were killed. The innocent victims of this massacre included activists of the democratic movement and their families. Both Comrades Virendra and Vinod were unfortunate victims on that fateful night. Most of the deceased were of a very poor background and toiling people.