Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Dhirendra Singh was born on 2nd July 1970 in a middle class family. He took his birth in Demagaon, Masaudi thana, Patna district, Bihar. His father was a teacher. He was an intelligent child and the brightest of all his brothers and sisters. When he had joined college there was no student organisation in his college. But he had heard the name of SFI and came into contact with some former leaders of the organisation. He took the initiative to form the organisation in 1988. He became the convenor of the PS College unit Masaudi and took up the responsibility of strengthening the organisation. On one hand he took up the issues of the students and organised powerful student struggles on them. On the other hand he also took up the issues of dalits and other backward sections of the society and organised struggles against the feudal forces in the society. As a result not only SFI but also the democratic movement too started to grow rapidly in that feudal dominated region. Com Dhirendra Singh became the most loved student and mass leader of the area. Afraid of his growing popularity the feudal elements engaged goondas to kill him. On the fateful day of 31st August, 1989, at 4 PM in the evening, while Com Dhirender was passing through the bazaar in Masaudi, the criminals shot him dead.

Com Sube Singh Sheokand was a PhD student in the Haryana Agricultural University at the time of his death. He was brilliant in his studies and took to the path of struggle against exploitation and injustice. He was a dedicated and valiant fighter for democratic rights. He was always in the forefront of struggle for retaining and expanding the rights of the student community and for the legitimate demands of the working people. He was murdered because he put up a resistance against the goonda activities that were striking at the self-respect, dignity and security of academic community and particularly of the girl students. On the 26th of May the anti-SFI gangsters patronised by the ruling classes attacked him with iron-rods and swords inside the campus of the Haryana Agricultural University. He was seriously injured in the attack and due to the internal haemorrhage resulting from his brain injuries, the condition of Com Sube Singh became critical from the evening of 28th and after a long battle for survival Com Sube Singh Sheokand passed away on the 29th May 1989.

Com Satya Saibabu got attracted to the ideals of SFI and joined the organisation when he was in High School in Tadepalli mandal of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. He used to participate actively in SFI programmes right from his school days. He shifted to Vijayawada to pursue Intermediate education and became a unit committee member of the SAS College. Although his family members pressurized him not to work in SFI, he never went back on his commitment. He convinced his family members and even brought his brothers into SFI. Com Saibabu, then joined SRR Degree college, a stronghold of SFI and became the President of the SFI Vijayawada City Committee and an office bearer of the district committee. Because of his active participation for the welfare of the students, he contested and won as the Vice President in the college union elections. In 1987, when there was an intense struggle of the democratic movement for house sites, Com Saibabu was in the forefront and led the struggle in Madhura Nagar. The followers of a local MLA who had already captured the land attacked Com Satya Saibabu with deadly weapons and killed him on the 14th March 1989. He became a martyr in the land struggle of Madhura Nagar.

Com Firoze was born on the 5th of January 1973. He is from West Bengal While a student of class IX in Titagarh R. High school, Firoze Ansari came in contact with the leader who conducted protest struggle against the anti-social activities including drug addictions. At a later period, Com Ansari became a member of the SFI unit. As a result of organizing this movement, Com Firoze Ansari was murdered on 11th February, 1989 by the anti-social elements patronised by the Congress. The dead body of Com Firoze Ansari was hastily buried by the murderers.