Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com Joby Andrews was from Kozhikode district Kerala. The murder of Com Joby, secretary of SFI Thamarassery Area committe was also a planned one. He had contributed immensely to the strengthening of the SFI activities in Thamarassery Area. On 15th July 1992 during the concluding procession of the SFI election rally the KSU and MSF students deliberately stoned the SFI volunteers without any provocation. Com Joby who was addressing the comrades was stoned down. The attempts to rescue the fallen comrade were of no use as they continued to pelt huge stones. This happened in the presence of the police. He became a martyr on 15th July 1992.

Com Kochaniyan was the son of Sri RV Kandankuty and KK Ammini. He was from Trissur Kerala. Com Kochaniyan along with other SFI friends asked the organizing committee for volunteer badges during the Inter Zone Youth Festival of Calicut University that was being conducted on 29th February 1992. The hired criminals brought by the KSU sprang upon them and killed Kochaniyan on the spot on 29th February 1992. All this happened in the presence of Police. He was working as the secretary of Kuttanellor Govt. College Unit, President of Ollur Area Committee and Member of the District Committee while murdered.

Com Thaneswar Mushahary belonged to a poor Bodo family of Samthaibari Village, Barpeta district, Assam. He was a student of class VII when he was murdered by the blind supporters of All Bodo Students' Union (ABSU) in 1991. Samthaibari is a Bodo dominated area. So, ABSU was strong there. Com. Mushahary, as a member of the SFI protested the undemocratic activities of the ABSU and tried to mobilize the local students and people of his area against them. So the blind supporters of the ABSU brutally killed Com. Thaneswar Mushahary.

Com Amit Das was born on the 4th October 1974. He was the member of Jaleswar unit belonging to the West Gaighata Local Committee of the SFI, West Bengal. Com Das came to the police station for some political purpose on the day following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. He was chased by the miscreants of Congress from inside the police station. He took shelter in one of his teachers, house across the river Yamuna. The villains entered that house, brought out Comrade Amit Das and hit him severely to death. He was martyred on 22nd May 1991.