Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com Surabuddin was born on 20th October 1974. He was not only a popular student leader but also a leader of his village. He was a resident of Kiriteshwari in Murshidabad district in West Bengal. From a very young age he was attracted to the progressive ideology and joined our organisation. He became an active member of our organisation and was considered to be an emerging leader with great capabilities. He took admission in Jiaganj Sripat Singh College and soon became the popular leader in the college. Unable to bear the growing popularity of the SFI under his leadership, the Congress goondas hatched a plan to eliminate him. When he was on his way back home from the college, the anti-social Congress elements waylaid, kidnapped and murdered him on 6th September, 1993.

Com Sojauddin was born on 6th February 1972. He too was from Kiristeshwari village in Murshidabad district, West Bengal. He was an active comrade and attracted students into the organisation in a big way. He set an example by bringing his own younger brother Com Surabuddin, (who was also martyred) also into the fold our organisation. He was a student of the Jiaganj Sripat Singh College and was a popular leader of the organisation. Both the brothers were very active and were recognised as leaders in their own village too. He was kidnapped and murdered by the Congress goondas when he was returning to his house from the college on 9th June 1993.

Com Julfai Mullick was born on 26th November, 1968 in a peasant's family, Midnapore district West Bengal. After finishing his study in the village he was admitted in Narajol Raj College. From his school life he was a part of our movement. In the session 1988-89 he was elected as the General Secretary of the Students' Union of his college. In the year 1992 he became the district committee member of undivided Midnapore district. One of the leading comrades of our progressive and revolutionary movement, Com Julfai Mullick was murdered brutally by the Trinamool Congress's murderers on 20th May during the Keshpur terrors, 1999.

Com Ajeesh was from Kottayam district Kerala. When ABVP failed to resist the influence and growth of SFI in Kottayam BMS College they decided to attack SFI Cadres. They came armed and destroyed everything they saw on their way. They caught Com. Ajeesh when he was going to the Canteen. He pleaded not to harm as he was ill. But the merciless ABVP goondas beat him lifted and threw him down. Blood clotted in his stomach due to the heavy blow. He was hospitalized on August 6th and died on 9th August, 1992.