Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com Roshan was son of Sri KV Vasu and Smt Narayani. Com K.V. Roshan became a martyr on 25th November 1994. He was a student leader from Kuthuparamba, a small town in Kannur District of Kerala. At that time of his martyrdom Com K V Roshan was a student in excellent College, Kuthuparamba. Roshan was a man with heroic personality.  He was aware   that there was a chance to lose his life in this struggle but he never bothered about his life. He was an active participant in the Democratic struggle against the commercialization of education in Kerala. In the early years of the 1990's, Congress led UDF Government of Kerala tried to commercialize the famous public education system in Kerala. SFI and other democratic organizations conducted a massive campaign against these policies. Under the leadership of SFI state committee several protest marches were organized during this period. On 25th November 1994, as part of the campaign against the education policy, several students-and youth organizations had decided to conduct a rally in Kuthuparamba when the minister reached there. But the minister ordered the police to fire on the procession. Roshan and his comrades from Excellent College organized a protest march towards that area. In this brutal police firing four comrades were shot dead at the site. Against the brutal act several students and democratic organisations conducted a march in the streets of Kuthuparamba.  But the police again fired, and the student leader Com K V Roshan was shot dead.

Com Rameshan is from Kozhikode, Kerala. Ramesan resisted the activities of the RSS rowdies who used to come from outside the college campus and create problems for the students. They used to prevent the students form attending classes and used to pester them. Com Ramesh became a sore in the eye of the goondas. SFI had also bagged a historic victory in the Student Union Election of Govt. College Madappally. The defeated KSU with the help of RSS gundas from outside the campus attacked our comrades on 26th September, 1994. Com Rameshan was severely wounded on his head and was hurried to the hospital. He left us on 29th September 1994.

Com K.V Sudheesh was a son of Sri KV Nanu and Smt Nalini of Kannur district Kerala. He was the joint secretary of Kerala state unit and central committee member of SFI when he was brutally murdered by RSS fascists in 1994. On the early morning of 26th January, 1994 a group of RSS criminals reached Com K.V. Sudheesh's home and brutally killed him in front of his mother and father. There were 36 injuries reported in Com Sudheesh's body. Com Sudheesh was not only a student leader but also a leader of masses of his region. He was a district Panchayat member, when he was murdered.  Com. Sudheesh and his movement played a determined role in resisting the ideology of RSS and its allies, which was the real reason behind the bestial attack against him.

Com Rajesh was a son of Sri Prabhakaran Nambiar and Smt Rugmini. He was from Kannur district Kerala. He was the College Union Chairman of Kannur Poly Technique and member of SFI Edakkad area committee. He was also the secretary of Mathematics association. He had endeared himself to the student community by his inimitable qualities and organizing capacity. He received a representation from the students saying that the private buses did not stop at the bus stop near the Poly technique and they are being ill treated and harassed by the bus workers. Rajesh who had always stood in the forefront of students struggles came to the road along with other students to discuss the matter with the bus driver. The driver did not stop the bus. Instead he accelerated the bus, knocking down Com Rajesh down. The wounded comrade was rushed to the hospital but to no avail. He breathed his last on 17th December 1993.