Sunday, 27 November 2022

At a time when crime and particularly crime against women is on the rise, our brave Com Shakeel sacrificed his life in fighting against the anti-social elements in the capital of the country. Com Shakeel was born on 12th of July 1970 in a lower middleclass family, in Delhi. He came into contact with SFI after joining the Jamia University in 1992-93 academic year for his graduation. He was in a habit of bringing his acquaintances close to the organisation and even brought his brother into the organisation. Both of them together played an important role in SFI's development in Zakir Hussain College of Delhi University. He re-joined the Jamia Millia University in MA Political Sciences just a fortnight before his murder. Com Shakeel a dedicated activist of SFI in Delhi was murdered by anti-social elements on the 14th of October 1996 when he tried to stop them from eve-teasing in the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. On 14th October Com Shakeel, along with his friends was waiting for a U-Special bus, in the university campus. At around 3 PM some youth came on motorcycles and started teasing girls standing there. When Com Shakeel objected to this and asked them to show their identity cards, one of them whipped out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Com Shakeel. Undeterred, Com Shakeel tried to catch the culprits and resisted them bravely. He was rushed to the hospital critically injured but was unable to survive. He succumbed to his injuries an hour later.

Com Kumar is an activist from Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu. Com Kumar aged 18 years was kidnapped on July 31st and murdered on August 1st 1995 by the anti social elements during the students union election conducted by Pavanasam Tiruvalluvar college, Tirunelveli district. The students of Tiruvalluvar College waged a mighty struggle under the leadership of SFI demanding elections to the students' union, returning back the capitation fee and for basic facilities. As a result of intense movement, capitation fee was returned back to the students by the management and SFI also succeeded on the demand of students union elections. From 1992, SFI won all the posts of students union. During the academic year 1995-96, the college management announced the date of elections. SFI announced the list of candidates and began the election work. This became intolerable to the opposition candidate who was a son of the landlord at Vikrama singa puram. Most of the students of Tiruvalluvar College were involved in the election work supporting SFI. On 31st July, 1995, Com Kumar was pasting posters in the night. He was kidnapped by the thugs of the landlord in a car and murdered inside the car and his body was burnt in the forests of Courtallum hills.

Com Sakkeer is from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Under the leadership of Com Sakkeer, SFI had secured a historic victory in Evening Law College Trivandrum. He was elected as the union chairman. During midnight on the same day about 30 PDP activists wearing gloves came armed to the small one- roomed house of Com Sakkeer, broke the door open and attacked him with weapons in front of his father and little sister. With a bleeding neck, he ran to save his life to the neighbor's house but the criminals followed him, caught him and pressing him against a coconut tree slashed him to death on 16th January, 1995.

Koothuparamba' is a symbol of historical struggle by the youth and students. It was a struggle against the imperialist policies and globalization propaganda of the government of Kerala. The incident happened on 25th November 1994 when the people gathered on the streets of Koothuparamba to protest against the privatization and commoditization of education. Police fired against the unarmed youth and students. Five brave and daring youths were shot dead in the police firing. Comrades K.K. Rajeevan, Madhu, Shibulal, Babu and Roshan have become the five stars of our movement against privatisation and commercialisation of education.