Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com Ajay was the son of Sri Syam Prasad and Smt Indira Thankachi of Kollam district Kerala. Com Ajay became a symbol of courage to the young comrades in Karunagapalli. He was the joint secretary of Karunagappalli Area Committee and a delegate in SFI State Conference. He had been in the forefront of the campaign against communal forces and had been instrumental in attracting many students and friends to rally round Left progressive students Union. While working as a Joint secretary of Karunagappalli area committee he had rescued many students from the ABVP /RSS criminals.  His activities enraged the RSS goondas. The Fundamentalist and fascist forces found him a threat to their criminal activities and com. Ajay Prasad was beaten to death on 20th July, 2007.

Com Soumik Basu was a bright student of third year engineering in Shibpur BESU, West Bengal. He was a supporter of SFI. On 6th June 2006 the goons of Independents Consolidated, an ultra-Left student organisation with an apolitical disguise, attacked the SFI comrades. Com Soumik basu and some other SFI activists were running from the violent mob on the campus corridor. The mobsters had pushed Com Soumik from the second floor balcony and Com Soumik lost his life due to the fall.

Com Rajesh was the son of Sri Murali and Smt Prasanna. He was from Patanamthitta district, Kerala. Com Rajesh was a brilliant student and true example for the slogan 'complete slogan'. He got high distinction in SSLC, first class in pre-degree, was a captain of college football team, member of the volleyball team and was awarded best actor in school youth festival. He was a promising poet and an athlete with bright future. He was secretary of the SFI Unit Panthalam NSS College. His organizing ability and leadership had made him the Student Union Chairman and a sore in the eyes of his political opponents. He was murdered while returning home after attending the SFI State March on 31st October, 2001 by the dalit Panthers.

Com Nithin was the Vice-President of Jain College, in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. He was a very active student leader of that area. On the 25th of May 2001 he was murdered by some anti-social elements when he was returning from the gym to his house at 8AM in the morning. Three goondas stabbed him five times on his chest and he was spot dead.