Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Kajol Burman took part in food struggles in Tripura conducted during 1970 even though he was a school student at that time. Com Kajol Burman was killed by the Congress government machinery when he joined the rally on 20th August 1970 as part of the struggle for food. He was shot dead in the police firing on the rally.

Com Sanjoy Paul was a popular student leader of Uttarpara, West Bengal and also was elected as the Assistant General Secretary of the students union of Uttarpara College. He was killed by naxalite assassins on 18th July, 1970.

Com Kanshiram was born on 16th September 1947, in a small village Lakhanwas, Bhadra Tehsil, Hanumangarh district Rajasthan. His father Herdevaram Meghwal and mother Saraswati Meghwal were poor peasants. Com Kanshiram was the first generation leaders of the SFI in Rajasthan. He was an active student leader and was also sensitive to the problems of the poor peasants and the agricultural labourers. There was a big land struggle in that area against the decision of the Congress government to allot prime land under the Indira Gandhi Canal Project to big landlords and moneylenders. The Congress government tried to suppress this struggle through adopting highhanded tactics and resorted to police firing in many places. More than twenty people died in the police firing in various places. Com Kanshiram led the students movement in support of the agitation of the peasants in Churu, where he was studying 1st year BSc. Under his leadership the students organised a massive march against the police brutalities and in support of the land struggle. The government fearing the spread of the movement to the adjoining areas tried to curb the movement using the brute force of the police. On the 13th January 1970, police entered in the Lohia College Hostel and fired upon the students. Com Kanshiram was killed in this police firing.

Com Lal Bahadur Rai was the President of Samastipur College, Samastipur, Bihar. His father was a Grade IV railway employee. He came to contact with the SFI during 1979, after he passed his matriculation. He was elected President of the SFI college unit in 1980. He fought for the post of President in Samastipur College as a candidate of SFI and lost the elections by five votes. He led an agitation for increasing the number of seats in the graduation courses. For this, on the 7th January 1981, the unit started an indefinite boycott of classes in the college. Com Lal Bahadur Rai played a prominent role in this agitation. On 9th January 1981, he was arrested and was sent to district jail. Even in jail, he did not lose his morale but started a hunger strike against the inhuman treatment inside the jail. On 14th January the district magistrate and the Superintendent of the Police came inside the jail to break this agitation and started lathi charge on the agitators. Police started firing inside the jail on the peaceful agitators. The jail mates of Com Rai immediately realised that the real target of the police was Com Rai and hid him under blankets. But the police found him and beat him on his head with bayonets and rifle butts. The police did not take Com Rai to the hospital even though he was severely injured fearing that their brutalities would come to the notice of the public. They were forced to admit him in the hospital after they realised that otherwise he would lose his life. He was admitted to the Medical College hospital in the evening, where he succumbed to his injuries on the 21st of January 1981.