Thursday, 02 February 2023

Comrade Mohammed Musthaffa was arrested by the police for leading a procession in the MES college campus, Mannarkad, Palakkad district, Kerala. The students were protesting against the fees hike and the state of emergency declared by the government in 1976. Musthaffa was sent to Perinthalmanna Sub-Jail, where he was subjected to brutal torture by the police .His mother pleaded the police to set him free, but all her pleading fell on the deaf ears. The police stated that they would set him free if he would resign from SFI. Comrade Mushtaffa was not ready to quit SFI even for his life. On 16th August 1976 he succumbed to the police torture and gave up his life to the cause.

Com Saithali resisted all atrocities, especially those against girls committed by the ABVP miscreants in the Pattambi Sanskrit College campus, Palakkad District, Kerala.  On 19th September 1974 Comrade Sunder Raj, Comrade Saithali, Comrade Krishna kumar, Comrade Moitheen Kutty and Comrade Khalid were attacked for questioning the misbehavior of the volunteers of KSU and ABVP . They brutally assaulted these comrades and beat Comrade Saithali with iron bar on his head and stabbed him to death while he fell unconscious and lost his life on 19th September 1974.

Com Asharaf is the victim of dagger politics of right wing student organizations of Kerala. He won the hearts of students by winning the college union election for the post of general captain, in the Thalassery Brennen College of Kannur district, and thus became a sore in the eye for the right wing politicians. His colleagues named him the "prince of play grounds". Being a general captain he gave wings to the sports dreams of his college. His victory made the opponents panicky. From his early childhood he was an active worker in the progressive movements. During his college days he became an active worker of SFI. His ability to bring in politics even in his casual talk taught his friends the first lessons of being a revolutionary. On 10th December 1973 KSU criminals stabbed Com Asharaf in front of the Malayalam department of his college. He was taken to the hospital immediately by his comrades. But after a long struggle for life he breathed his last on 5th March 1974. He was the son of Saitharppalli Mammu and Fathima.

Com Sudeb Ghosal was the joint secretary of Konnagar Local Committee and District Committee Member, West Bengal. He was found missing on 4th August, 1972 and his dead body was found near Mogulsarai railway station on 5th August, 1972. He was assassinated by the Naxalites.