Sunday, 27 November 2022

Ajeet Singh Beniwal, elected students union president of Agrasen College in Bhadra, Rajasthan has been killed by liquor mafia, on April 28, 2015. He was beaten to death using iron rods and other heavy weapons. 
Ajeet was participating in a protest in Khachwana village near Bhadra town against the liquor mafia. He was attacked near Munsri bus stand. The local BJP MLA is himself involved with the liquor mafia and Ajeet was specifically targeted by the goons.
It should be noted that liquor mafias had been meddling with the students' union elections over the last few years, only to be defeated every time by the democratic student movement led by SFI.
With one more brave heart giving away his life, the caravan of 'study and struggle ' shall march ahead- memories of the departed comrade fuelling  hundred more battles, which lie ahead of us.