Sunday, 27 November 2022

Comrade sudipto Gupta was the member of SFI West Bengal state committee and former general secretary of Netaji Nagar college. He was a beloved comrade of ours, extremely popular among masses. After loosing his mother few years back he was taking care of his old father too. A master degree holder in political science from Ravindra Bharati University used to do tuition and yes definitely SFI till his last breath. A brilliant singer and a powerful writer who was working on recollecting the history of student movement in early 70's with Com Shyamal Chakraborty, when sudipto was murdered by Mamta Banarjee's police in a protest demanding campus democracy.

The day of his assassination was a black day in India's student movement. Many student organizations together came down to the street along with million other common people of Kolkata and showed their anger and resistance on 2, April 2013. He along with many other comrades got arrested and beaten up by the police. He was brutally attacked in the protest place first and even in police van later. The 23 year old brave student leader was murdered by the police of TMC government. Comrade Sudipto remains as the symbol of struggles for campus democracy. The slogans he taught us, the flag he painted red with his blood inspires thousand sudiptos everyday in his state and outside.. ''Choto choto kurider fotabi bole tui abr fire asbi..'' [making those buds blossoms u will return..]