Sunday, 27 November 2022

The Central Executive committee of the Students’ Federation of India salutes the brave martyr Comrade Rohit, who was killed by the ABVP goons in the Chakmoh College of Hamirpur District in Himachal Pradesh on 26,September 2012. Comrade Rohit was the student of Hons 2nd year and was instrumental in ensuring SFI’s victory in 2 seats in the recently held Students’ union elections. On last Saturday, he had stopped these ABVP goons from harassing a fellow girl student of the college; upon which these goons had warned him that he would be killed. on September 26 at around 10:30 in the morning they entered college with arms and killed Comrade Rohit; cutting short a brave, valiant and promising life, which in itself reflects everything that SFI stands for.

This incident is not merely a isolated case of violence, rather its part of the long chain of repeated incidents in the last five years in which ABVP has acted in perfect conglomeration with the BJP government of the state and the police administration, which has been busy aiding the parishad’s politics of violence. Hundreds of SFI cadres have bravely faced the brunt of these attacks and victimizations. Numerous others have had to face the false cases and academic victimizations, yet the white flag with the red star continues to fly high in the hill state of Himachal. This has been possible only due to the courage and sacrifice of comrades such as Rohit, who choose the slogan of Independence, Democracy and Socialism over their own lives. We dip our banner in respect of this brave comrade and promise to carry forward the task for which he gave away his life.