Sunday, 27 November 2022

Com. Aneesh Rajan was  Vice President of SFI Idukki district committee. He was brutally killed by Congress goondas on 18 th March 2012. He was the son of  Com.V.C.Rajan & Sabitha Rajan. In Nedunganda the native place of Aneesh Rajan, congress goondas unleashed vandalism and attack against Tamil minority workers after the Mullapperiyar issue. The Tamil workers are activists of C.I.T.U and on the day also, congress goondas attacked several workers which includes women. Com. Aneesh Rajan was on his way to Estate to see the workers who were attacked. But, he became the victim of the scoundrels. Comrade Aneesh Rajan who resisted the attack on Tamil workers was brutally killed by Congress goondas.