Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Avinash Kumar Chauhan was born on the 5th January 1980 in a middle class family. His father was a doctor in rural Bihar. He was from Ramduri village in Vaishali district. He was the Vice-President of the Patna University SFI unit. He was a 1st year student of Political Science honours, in the most famous college in Patna, the Patna College. He became a member of SFI in 1999. This 19 year old comrade was a meritorious student who steadfastedly stood and fought against all wrongs. He was in the forefront in the fight against criminal and lumpen elements within the college and the university. Because of immense organisational talents he became the Vice-President of the SFI unit in one year. On the call of the SFI state committee, he led the movement against the anarchy in the campus, fee hike and for the immediate conduction of elections to the student union. He also led the movement against eve-teasing and the illegal occupation of hostels on the 18th March 2000. The Vice-Chancellor was forced to order the evacuation of all the illegal boarders from the hostels due to the pressure of our movement. The anti-social elements led by the leaders of the ABVP and CRJD who were thus affected by the decision of the university administration hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Com Avinash. The RSS-ABVP goondas went to the Patna College on the 6th April 2000, entered the classroom of Com Avinash armed with weapons and dragged him out of the class. They threw bombs in the campus and ensured that all the students fled from the college and took Com Avinash to the banks of river Ganga adjoining the College. There he was shot dead by the goondas in broad daylight.