Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Kumar is an activist from Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu. Com Kumar aged 18 years was kidnapped on July 31st and murdered on August 1st 1995 by the anti social elements during the students union election conducted by Pavanasam Tiruvalluvar college, Tirunelveli district. The students of Tiruvalluvar College waged a mighty struggle under the leadership of SFI demanding elections to the students' union, returning back the capitation fee and for basic facilities. As a result of intense movement, capitation fee was returned back to the students by the management and SFI also succeeded on the demand of students union elections. From 1992, SFI won all the posts of students union. During the academic year 1995-96, the college management announced the date of elections. SFI announced the list of candidates and began the election work. This became intolerable to the opposition candidate who was a son of the landlord at Vikrama singa puram. Most of the students of Tiruvalluvar College were involved in the election work supporting SFI. On 31st July, 1995, Com Kumar was pasting posters in the night. He was kidnapped by the thugs of the landlord in a car and murdered inside the car and his body was burnt in the forests of Courtallum hills.