Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Arun Deb was the state committee member of the SFI, Tripura. During the regime of Congress and TUJS, all the democratic rights of the people were curtailed and the government unleashed a semi-fascist terror on the people of Tripura. During the elections for the Tripura Autonomous District Council, Com Arun Deb was an election agent and he played an important role in the booth by resisting the attempts of the Congress and TUJS goons from casting fake votes and prevented their attempts to rig the elections. Unable to bear this, the local Congress MLA, along with his henchmen went inside the booth and brutally murdered him. Not satisfied with this they cut his body into pieces, put them into a bag and threw his body in the forest. Only his toe was left behind them in the booth. All the polling officials and police personnel were mute spectators to this ghastly murder. He was martyred on 8th July 1990 in Simna, Agartala.