Thursday, 02 February 2023

Com Narsimha was the son of Bucchamma and Bakkanna of Veepanagandla village in Mahaboobnagar district of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana). He belonged to a family of poor agricultural laborers. Com Narsimha started working in SFI since Ninth class in 1985. While he was in Degree first year, he was murdered by Naxalites treacherously. Com Narsimha was brilliant not only in academic work but was equally good at sports and other cultural activities. He was very keen to respond on various issues. Com Narsimha actively participated in mobilising funds and in running ambali (gruel) centers to the poor when famine hit the district for three continuous years. He was in the forefront whenever land struggle took place in any village. He was active in mobilising the people. When he was studying intermediate in Pebber, which was a stronghold of the communal forces, he started organising SFI. Though there was a threat of attack everyday, he stood in the front and led SFI to victory in the 1989 college elections for the student union. In 1989, the land struggle was in full spate in Mahaboobnagar district. In this struggle, the landlords and the Naxalites were on the same side. They started killing all the active members in the struggle. Com Narsimha was very active in influencing the people. Though there was a threat of an attack he never relented. On the day of the attack he sensed that he would be attacked. The cowards had attacked Com Narsimha on his way home with bombs and murdered him.