Sunday, 05 April 2020

Comrade Abhijit Mahato was Jhargram rural zonal committee member of the SFI in West Bengal. Comrade Abhijit Mahato was a BA Second Year student of Manikpara College and was also the cultural secretary of the Manikpara College Students’ Union. He was killed by an armed gang of the Maoists who are on a killing spree against the Left activists and local leaders in West Midnapore district on June 17, 2009. Abhijit, who had his exam from 10 am on the day, was sitting in a roadside teashop when a gang of Maoists on motorcycles came there. They first pumped bullets into the local branch secretary of the CPI(M) and another leader who died on the spot. When Abhijit tried to save his life, he was chased by the murderers who first shot a bullet in his leg and then in his back. When he fell to the ground, his head was thrashed with rifle butts. His body was left lying there when the killers were certain that he was also dead.The SFI called a student strike on the day in West Midnapore district in protest against this brutal killing. On the next day, a student strike was observed throughout West Bengal.

Comrade Abhijit’s killing was part of the murderous campaign which was being waged against Left activists after the declaration of the Lok Sabha election results in the state. An unholy alliance of the Maoists and Trinamool combine was unleashing a reign of terror and making attempts to physically eliminate local level leaders and activists of the Left. Armed gangs were trying to encroach and capture student union offices in different colleges by using violence and terror against the democratically elected student unions. During this period four students, namely Sekh Babua, Bibek Burman, Apurba Ghosh, Sayantika Rakshit, have been killed by these miscreants.

Comrade Dipanwita Jana an SFI activist and a member of a CPIM supporters family in Nandigram, West Bengal. She was raped and murdered by the Maoist-TMC butchers. Dipanwita Jana was a first year geography (Honours) student at local Sitananda college. She was missing for some days since she left home for a private tuition. Her family was under threat by the Maoists and Trinamool goons for years. They even had to leave their home once. The dead body of Dipanwita Jana was found floating on the Haldi river on 22 January, 2010.

Com.Swapan Koley was a 2nd year B.Com studnt of Prabhu Jagabandhu College, Andul, Howrah District West Bengal and a very popular activist of our organisation. On 16th December 2010 the last day for filling nominations for college union elections, a group of TMCP (Student wing of Trinamool Congress) activists attacked him with rods and bricks. Com. Koley, bleeding from the head, ran out of the college compound and sought shelter in a nearby home. The woman at the home could not stop the assailants, who chased him to the terrace and attacked him. Then they dragged him outside and threw him into a nearby canal. Com.Koley died of his injuries that night in a Kolkata hospital. The memories of comrade Swapan Koley will always be alive to inspire our struggles for democratic rights.

Comrade Fasil was area joint secretary of the DYFI at Thaikkat and SFI area joint secretary of Manalur. Fasil was the one another victim of the Sangh Parivar 's murderous politics in Kerala. At the very age of 21 he was hacked to death by the RSS goons at Kiyare Junction at Bhrahmakulam, near Guruvayur, on 4 November 2013. It was just after one month of an another sfi activist comrade Sajin Shahul was killed by the same saffron fascists. Though Fasil was rushed to hospital, his life could not be saved.

Fasil, 21, son of Kunnamkorath Salim of Brahmakulam was a Civil diploma holder. He was working as supervisor in a construction company. Comrade Fasil was never scared of holding the flag of 'independence, democracy and Socialism' even at point of danger or the continues threats by the communal forces on left activists in the area. Comrade Fasil lives through the many more struggles against communalism and becomes a light in front of our march towards an equitable society.