SFI Bihar State Conference Held

THE Bihar state conference of SFI, held in Patna on September 6 after a long gap, has raised a great hope among the participants and the newly-elected leadership to bring the mass of the students under the banner of ‘independence, democracy and socialism’ and foster the vision of socialism as the battle cry against the onslaught of neo-liberal agenda pursued by the ruling classes of the county. The ominous sign of privatisation of the education sector as a whole and throwing open the gates of higher education for the invasion of foreign universities in particular will result in the deprivation…

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All India University Students’ Convention in Hyderabad

THE Students’ Federation of India has organised an all India convention of university students from October 17-19 at Osmania University in Hyderabad.

On the first day, a huge rally of students was organised, which started from Osmania NCC gate to Arts College, where it took the form of a public meeting. Cultural activists of Praja Natya Mandali led the rally in their traditional attire, symbolising the heroic legacy of the Telangana Armed Struggle that continues to inspire people’s struggles even today. Prof. G Haragopal, from the University of Hyderabad addressed the public meeting where he u…

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Ban on Student Union Elections in Himachal Pradesh

KARL Marx and Friedrich Engels, the immortal heroes for the working and toiling masses of the world, not only showed the path of liberation to the working class, but together also encompassed one of the most historic friendships that world has ever seen. This friendship of two of these greatest intellectuals of the working class led to brilliant exchange of ideas. In one such exchange of ideas, Engels wrote to Marx that universities are the battle fields of ideas, Marx responded saying ‘Yes, universities are the battle field of ideas and ideas of the ruling class are the ruling ideas in every…

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