SFI Organises School For Hindi States

THE Students Federation of India (SFI) organised a successful three days long school for its activists in the Hindi speaking states was successfully in Chandigarh from June 3 to 5. A total of 91 activists from 10 states participated in the school which was first such exercise after a similar school in Delhi in 2007. Spread over five sessions, the school covered Marxist philosophy, current political situation, identity politics, organisation, and educational policy framework.


The Hindi speaking states represent a majority of Indian population and the inability to b…

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SFI Holds 18th Tripura State Conference

THE entire country is aspiring for a pro-people alternative at the centre, sans the Congress and the BJP. The Congress party, at the helm of power continuously for two terms now, has utterly failed to address the basic problems that pinch the people most. Its neo-liberal policies have caused havoc to the people’s livelihood. However, the BJP, though it is trying to cash in on the people’s anger against the Congress misrule, is equally infamous insofar as misrule and corruption are concerned. We are striving to form a government with an alternative policy framework that may render relief to the…

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SFI Bihar State Conference Held

THE Bihar state conference of SFI, held in Patna on September 6 after a long gap, has raised a great hope among the participants and the newly-elected leadership to bring the mass of the students under the banner of ‘independence, democracy and socialism’ and foster the vision of socialism as the battle cry against the onslaught of neo-liberal agenda pursued by the ruling classes of the county. The ominous sign of privatisation of the education sector as a whole and throwing open the gates of higher education for the invasion of foreign universities in particular will result in the deprivation…

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