SFI Leads Statewide Stir of ITI Students in Maharastra
 The Students’ Federation of India (SFI), Maharashtra state committee led a month-long statewide protest of students in the Industrial Technical Institutes (ITIs) with the main demand to scrap the negative marking system which was newly introduced for ITI students and which led to thousands of students failing in their examinations. More than 25,000 students successfully participated in these SFI-led protests in 20 districts of Maharashtra. It must be remembered that ITI students form part of the future working class of our country.
The stir culminated on December 30, 2014 – which is also th…

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Occupy Campus Movement in Calicut University

The indefinite hunger strike as part of SFI led occupy campus movement in Calicut university, Kerala raising the issues of hostel crisis and fighting the attempts to smash public education enters the 92th day and is getting strengthened day after day after gaining support from various sections of the society and until now unforeseen participation of the student community.

  The hunger strike began as a voice of resistance against the vicious attempts by the congress led UDF govt to destroy the democratic atmosphere of universities ever since they came to power in 2011. One of the first initia…

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SFI Organises School For Hindi States

THE Students Federation of India (SFI) organised a successful three days long school for its activists in the Hindi speaking states was successfully in Chandigarh from June 3 to 5. A total of 91 activists from 10 states participated in the school which was first such exercise after a similar school in Delhi in 2007. Spread over five sessions, the school covered Marxist philosophy, current political situation, identity politics, organisation, and educational policy framework.


The Hindi speaking states represent a majority of Indian population and the inability to b…

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