Bashrat Shameem (Report from Jammu and Kashmir)
As the spring sets in Kashmir valley after a long and harsh winter, we have strived earnestly to sow the seeds of student struggle under the ideals of democracy and secularism to counter all the regressive and debilitating forces and ideologies which have the potential of eroding our social and intellectual progress. In this connection, a significant beginning was made on 13-03-2017 when SFI General Secretary Comrade Vikram held an interactive meet with a small group of progressive thinking students in the Campus, the first of its kind in Kashmir University. 
The interaction involved intense deliberations and discussions among the participants after a comprehensive talk by Comrade Vikram on the nature, scope and direction of student activism to be undertaken under the cherished ideals. Students expressed various persuasive arguments related to their specific education and standing as students as well as the more general issues. They were unanimous in their affirmation of carrying out a student centric movement in the Campus and other institutions of higher learning and to spread consciousness and education among the students for a constructive and progressive activism and politics. The commitment to ideals like secularism, democracy and scientific outlook was reiterated. Educative Programmes like these were stressed upon by the students to be held again and again.
It was heartening to know that all these affirmations were in line with the constitution of SFI and other Progressive student organizations in the country. At the end, it was decided that an adhoc committee would be formed in the Campus for a start with Basharat Shameem as the Adhoc Convener and Riyan Rashid, Law Student, as the Adhoc Co-Convener. It was also decided that the adhoc committee shall henceforth function as Jammu and Kashmir Students Federation but under the constitution and programmes of SFI.