Sunday, 25 August 2019

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Com Niranjan Talukdar was born on 15th November, 1958. He was brutally murdered in Nijbahjani Village of Kamrup district, Assam by the hoodlums of AASU-AAGSP on the 11th of February, 1983. He was from Nizbahjani Gaon, Nalbari District, Assam. He was a very good activist of the SFI. He passed HSLC examination and PU from Chandkuchi Gopalthan Politechnical Institute and Nalbari College respectively. He was a popular student leader of the area and a member of Kamrup District Committee of the SFI. In the past, numerous attacks had failed to extinguish his life. However on the fatal day a gang of AASU-AAGSP hoodlums laid siege to his house. Knowing their intention Com Talukdar first went to his neighbour's house but returned shortly. His mother realized that danger was following him and as she was embracing her son, the barbarians of AASU-AAGSP surrounded him from behind, snatched him from his mother and dragged him away. He was hacked to pieces in front of his mother. The devils in human shape had taken away his body in a bag. After one year, his dead body was found in a field buried in a jute-bag.