Sunday, 03 July 2022

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SFI staged protest in Karmbakudi boys government higher secondary school in Puthukottai district of Tamil Nadu with different demands concerning the students. Nearly 500 students participated in the protest which mainly demanded the timely issue of students bus pass. Students in the city are facing difficulties in commuting to school since the authorities has not yet issued their bus pass even after months got over from the commencement of classes. The protest also raised the lack of basic amenities like drinking water in government schools across Tamil Nadu. Government schools are deprived of even the minimum facilities for the students to continue their education. SFI has warned the authorities that more struggles will follow if the issues are not addresed without any further delay.

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Breaking the decades long dominance of Hindutva communal forces SFI alliance marks a thumping victory in one of the major university campuses of Maharashtra. Sachin Ambadas Hmenke from SFI is elected as the students union General secretary of Auragnabad's Maratha Ambedkar University Campus. SFI contested elections in alliance with National Students Congress (NSC).
The University campus which was a traditional stronghold of Shivsena's student wing Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena didnt have elections in the last two years. With the changing situation,  Sachin Ambadas Hemke became General Secretary with 28 votes out of the 52 department elected representatives .According to SFI state vice president Sunil Rathod, this election mandate is a clear implication of the increasing influence of SFI among the campus students.
The SFI-NSC alliance will continue even to the University general election which will include all the colleges under the university that to be held at March 28th.  The elected representatives from each campuses will elect the University office bearers and SFI and NSC will contest for the posts of University Union Secretary and President respectively. SFI has been in constant struggles in the state over the issues of students of all spectrum. Recently a state wide jadha was also held along with DYFI. This victory will only lead more intensified struggles for quality, social justice and strenghthening of public institutions in education sector. 

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The SFI-TSU combine registered a splendid victory defeating the RSS-affiliated ABVP in all the 22 general degree colleges in Tripura, where students council elections were held on September 12. Out of a total 393 office-bearers and 385 class representative seats, the SFI-TSU won 385 and 366 seats respectively. In all, the SFI-TSU (Students Federation of India and Tribal Students Union) combine won 751 (96.53 per cent) seats. The remaining eight office-bearer and 19 class representative seats were won by the ABVP.

Jubilant SFI-TSU activists took out victory processions.

Out of total 778 seats, the SFI-TSU combine won 530 seats uncontested as the ABVP could not put up candidate. These include all the seats in nine colleges where SFI-TSU candidates were declared elected unopposed.

With an eye on the assembly election due for early next year, the BJP projected this college election as a semi-final. Laying utmost importance on this election, they lavishly used money to allure the students to contest for the ABVP. In many colleges, BJP state leaders directly involved themselves in campaign for the ABVP. After they failed to gather student support, they mobilised non-student miscreants from outside to vitiate the peaceful situation inside most of the colleges so that election process could be disrupted. But for the peace-loving students, college administration and alertness of the police, they failed to stall the election.

The ABVP which we see at present is nothing but NSUI elements that were active in the colleges earlier. As most of the Congress followers had defected to the BJP, their student wing entirely crossed over to the ABVP. While they highlighted the BJP's education policy and so-called "progress" in Modi regime in their campaign, SFI-TSU activists campaigned on the regressive education policy of the Centre that has been coated with Hindutva agenda and performance of the Left Front government of the state for providing ample opportunities for education to wide section of the people despite the Centre's non-cooperation.

18664410 10156313676709012 8225659693059813911 nOn the very next day of an extremely authoritarian move by the fascistic Modi government, as a befitting reply, SFI organised beef festivals in 210 centers across Kerala. The newly brought ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets is an another declaration of war on the democratic rights of the people. immedeatly after the highly condemnable rule was announced SFI stated that it will not succumb to the fascistic order which is an attack to the cultural diversity of the nation on the one hand and an assault to the small cattle traders and their livelihood on the other. 
Challenging the Sangh initiated Modi diktat, in a flash response the Kerala state committee of SFI announced that they will hold Beef festivals under the banner of all area committees across the state. "How can someone decide what we should eat. Government should be concerned about whether people have enough and nutritious food to eat. Are they bringing this rule to remove poverty in Indian villages? We will not allow this fascism to invade our kitchens. We will eat whatever we want, this is just the beginning of our agitation. This is an agitation to push away the fascism. To protect the cattle in the country, farming system in the country needs to be strengthened. This ban will affect the livelihood of many people. When the Sangh Parivar brought in such restrictions earlier, but the UDF kept quiet all these years and now this new rule is the result of their silence,"” M Vijin, SFI state secretary said. 18740146 10156313679019012 1081331535935325940 n
Despite all most all the campuses in Kerala are being closed for vacation, a huge participation of students and masses are seen in the beef festivals organised today. In many places, Beef was cooked openly and served to the public with holding posters against the central government's decision. 'Nobody has any authority to decide what the people should eat or how to live. Democracy is not imposing your agenda and choices over the other. If the diversity and the democratic right of choice and belief are not protected, you better take the battle to the streets. We will not surrender to these fascistic diktats. " SFI state president Jaick C Thomas stated. SFI Will organise similar programmes in more places in coming days. 
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