Thursday, 02 February 2023

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The online edition of Student Struggle, the journal of the central executive committee of SFI has been launched today, January 24, by Sitaram Yechury, Former president of the organisation. He has also served as the editor of student struggle. He apreciated SFI for begining the online edition of its journal to reach out the masses engaged in social media and online reading. He described the history of student struggle which started it's journey in 1973. Biman Bose was the founder editor.  Sitaram also remembered how struggle struggle survived during emergency and it's role in fight against this undeclared emergency. Hannan Mollah, former general secretary of DYFI ,former general secretary of SFI, Vikram Singh were present. VP Sanu, President of SFI chaired the programme. Mayukh Biswas, General secretary of SFI delivered the welcome speech. Nitheesh Narayanan, editor of student struggle introduced about the online edition. Dinit Denta, All India Joint secretary also attended the programme. 
Student Struggle is the journal of the Central Executive Committee of The Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The SFI was formed in 1970 and the journal began publishing by 1973. It’s being printed regularly for the last five decades, with material on a wide range of subjects relevant during the time. It also introduces its readers to important developments in education, including the struggles for a better education system.
The online edition of Student Struggle was launched in January 2019, which would include content in addition to that are already available in print edition of Student Struggle. The online edition is available in 
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