Sunday, 27 November 2022

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SFI Karnataka state committee has planned a massive movement protesting the severe negligence by the authorities in implementing the 371 J Act which assured special consideration for 6 districts, known as Hyderabad Karnataka districts (HK Districts), in Karnataka. A huge rally will be held to the HK rural development board at Kalburgi on 3rd January. This particular act acknowledges the backwardness of 6 districts and sanctions special schemes and priority in education and jobs. Rupees 200 crore was allotted for each district to implement this act. But there have been a continues negligence by the concerned authorities to ensure the act is implemented. Last year, 1000 crore was lapsed due to this laxity. There are 35000 job vacancies remaining unfilled apart from 8000 teaching posts laying vacant in these districts. No action committee or action plan was made even after the continues demands risen by the people. This has actually worsened the situation in these districts and the people have been discriminated in all spheres. SFI will spread the struggle to more areas till the authorities come up with a proper  plan of action to implement 371 J Act and provide justice to the people of the most backward districts of the state.