Friday, 31 March 2023


"Harmony over Hatred' Campaign called by SFI Central Executive Committee has started in Himachal Pradesh with a well attended seminar organised by the State Committe today, Dec 6th, In Himachal Pradesh University, Simla. SFI All India president VP Sanu inaugurated the seminar with speaking on the onslaught on democratic rights and constitutional values by the Hindutva forces in the country. He elaborated on the attempts of saffron brigade to re-write the history of the nation with replacing the historical facts and science with myths and puranas. He reminded the need to reiterate the slogan of Aambedkar to educate, agitate and organise to protect the secular fabric of this country. There was a long session of discussion about the situation that is prevailing the country and society which has built a wall between the people and created an environment of hatred in the name of different identities such as religion and caste. State president Vikram Kaith presided over the seminar. SFI All India joint secretary Dinit Denta, Himachal state secretary Amit Takur, CEC Member Ruchika and Jeevan Takur also spoke in the seminar. More programmes will be organised as part of the campaign in coming days. HARMONY OVER HATRED campaign will continue till 19 dec. 2018.

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