Friday, 31 March 2023

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Breaking the decades long dominance of Hindutva communal forces SFI alliance marks a thumping victory in one of the major university campuses of Maharashtra. Sachin Ambadas Hmenke from SFI is elected as the students union General secretary of Auragnabad's Maratha Ambedkar University Campus. SFI contested elections in alliance with National Students Congress (NSC).
The University campus which was a traditional stronghold of Shivsena's student wing Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena didnt have elections in the last two years. With the changing situation,  Sachin Ambadas Hemke became General Secretary with 28 votes out of the 52 department elected representatives .According to SFI state vice president Sunil Rathod, this election mandate is a clear implication of the increasing influence of SFI among the campus students.
The SFI-NSC alliance will continue even to the University general election which will include all the colleges under the university that to be held at March 28th.  The elected representatives from each campuses will elect the University office bearers and SFI and NSC will contest for the posts of University Union Secretary and President respectively. SFI has been in constant struggles in the state over the issues of students of all spectrum. Recently a state wide jadha was also held along with DYFI. This victory will only lead more intensified struggles for quality, social justice and strenghthening of public institutions in education sector.