Thursday, 02 February 2023

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The SFI-TSU combine registered a splendid victory defeating the RSS-affiliated ABVP in all the 22 general degree colleges in Tripura, where students council elections were held on September 12. Out of a total 393 office-bearers and 385 class representative seats, the SFI-TSU won 385 and 366 seats respectively. In all, the SFI-TSU (Students Federation of India and Tribal Students Union) combine won 751 (96.53 per cent) seats. The remaining eight office-bearer and 19 class representative seats were won by the ABVP.

Jubilant SFI-TSU activists took out victory processions.

Out of total 778 seats, the SFI-TSU combine won 530 seats uncontested as the ABVP could not put up candidate. These include all the seats in nine colleges where SFI-TSU candidates were declared elected unopposed.

With an eye on the assembly election due for early next year, the BJP projected this college election as a semi-final. Laying utmost importance on this election, they lavishly used money to allure the students to contest for the ABVP. In many colleges, BJP state leaders directly involved themselves in campaign for the ABVP. After they failed to gather student support, they mobilised non-student miscreants from outside to vitiate the peaceful situation inside most of the colleges so that election process could be disrupted. But for the peace-loving students, college administration and alertness of the police, they failed to stall the election.

The ABVP which we see at present is nothing but NSUI elements that were active in the colleges earlier. As most of the Congress followers had defected to the BJP, their student wing entirely crossed over to the ABVP. While they highlighted the BJP's education policy and so-called "progress" in Modi regime in their campaign, SFI-TSU activists campaigned on the regressive education policy of the Centre that has been coated with Hindutva agenda and performance of the Left Front government of the state for providing ample opportunities for education to wide section of the people despite the Centre's non-cooperation.