Friday, 31 March 2023

arnabStudents Federation of India expresses it's deep condolence on the early demise of Com Arnab Bose state Secretariat member, and Hoogly district commitee secretary, West Bengal. Comrade Arnab was admitted to a private nursing home in Kolkata day before yesterday, with severe chest infection and around evening took his last breath after a massive cardiac arrest. Like many of his generation, he also came to organisation in the most troubled period in recent time. A brilliant student who got admission in Belur Ramkrishna Mission was not a careerist but. In a institution where students organisation was not legally permissible, he started an agitation again fee hike, disciplinary action was taken against him. But that could not make him leave the path of resistance he chose. After getting job from direct Campusing also he didn't continue that, left everything and became dedicated worker of Students Federation of India. Initially he was given the charge of Singur area commitee, the rainbow coalition of TMC and Maobadi attacked him several times, he was beaten unconscious and left in lonely river bank to die. But like Phoenix he came back every time. Recently in his leadership the Bengal witnessed a remarkable resistance in different colleges of Hoogly where students armed with their books and idea, confronted the anti socials of TMCP. 
Comrade Arnab was a poet, a writer and a really popular face among the masses and cadares. he is one of those who could sacrifice his family or privileges due to the deep sense of commitment towards left ideology. His untimely death has taken away not only mass leader from us but a brave comrade who would have inspired generation to come.
The unfinished battle of comrade Arnab will be fought in the streets of struggle, comrade Arnab will live on in our slogans, in the red star of our white flag.
Comrade Aranab Bose Lal Salam.
Comrade Arnab Bose Amar rahe.