Friday, 31 March 2023

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He was born with an upper limb reduction on his left arm. And the remaining one was attempted to be taken away by the NSUI- Youth Congress goons two days ago. Sachu Sadanand, Students Union general secretary of MG University campus in Kottayam, is hospitalized following he was stabbed by the NSUI- Youth Congress criminal gang at the gates of the university. The same group hacked SFI Kottayam district president KM Arun also and injured him severely. Both the attacked activists are Dalit students. An eight-member team came to the campus and beaten up the students with swords and iron rods.  An attempt was made to stab at the head of Sachu and he got injured while blocking it with his single hand. Sachu and Arun are under medical treatment in Kottayam medical college. It is the frustration of KSU, the Kerala Unit of NSUI and Congress over the growing assertion of students towards SFI in their old bastions led them to find refuge in unleashing physical attacks on SFI cadres. The once strongholds of the Congress student wing KSU in Kottayam district was shifting to SFI over the last few years.  Four people in the criminal the criminal gang who attacked SFI leaders have been arrested from the home of the prime accused in the case, Jim Alex who is the Mandalam president of youth congress. All of them are involved in many criminal activities including the attempt to murder.  
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In last one week only, there is a series of attacks against SFI activists in various parts of Kerala. Ten SFI activists were brutally attacked by a group of hooligans supported by ABVP-MSF-KSU  at Pattambi College of Palakkad. All of them suffered seriouse head injuries and wounds in the attack with harmful weapons. One student was fighting for his life for several days at intensive care unit with 21 stitches at his head. SFI appealed all the democratic sections of the society to voice up against the murder attempts unleashed on SFI activists by the right wing, communal organisations throughout Kerala. 
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