Thursday, 11 August 2022

The Fidel Castro special issue of Student Struggle, the English organ of SFI Central Executive Committee is released by the Cuban Ambassador in India, Oscar Israel Martinez Cordovez. Mayukh Biswas, the editor of Student Struggle introduced the special issue. The program was organized in the Cuban embassy in Delhi.  

"Education in Cuba is completely free. Cuba wants it's younger generation to get educated and trained to take up the responsibility of carrying the legacy of great revolution. Capitalism can never be a solution for the problems of the suffering majority of the world. There must an international solidarity in the struggle against the imperialist aggression and capitalist loot" the Ambassador said. Cuban Councillor Marileydis D Morales, SFI Central Executive Committee Members Dipsita Dhar and Nitheesh Narayanan, JNUSU Vice-President Amal P P also spoke in the program. The special issue is carrying articles on Cuban revolution, education and health care in Cuba, proletarian internationalism etc.