Thursday, 11 August 2022

A zonal rally and convention of Students’ Federation of India was organized in Pune (Maharashtra) on 24th of Jan, at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan. Thousands of the students attended the rally. Apart from Maharashtra, students from Madhya Pradesh also participated in the rally. The main slogan of the rally was ‘oppose the centralization and communalisation and of education and to scrap the RUSA. 
    Inauguration of this convention was done by Ajit Abhyankar, CPIM state secretariat member.  In his address, he attacked the economical crisis the Modi government. Referring to the black money, he exposed the capitalist nature of this Modi government. He called upon the student community to build struggle for recovery of this black money so that this money can be spent to strength the education system of country. 
    While addressing the convention all India president Dr. V. Shivdasan said, there are no ‘Acche Din’ as promised by Narender Modi and BJP before parliament elections. BJP just talked about the development, but there is no development. Actually the inflation increased, there is no growth in GDP, union government is reducing the spending on public sector which has affected the public services like education and health mostly. Expenditure on education has been reduced by near about 3900 Crore rupees. Along with these capitalist policies, they are implementing communal policies. Modi led government is pursuing the policy of making Hindu Rashtra. Referring to speech of Narendra Modi while inaugurating the a well known hospital in Mumbai, prime minister of India has said that our ancestral were doing plastic surgery and ganpati is a good example of this. Dr. Sivdasan said in this is way they are making our education communal. 
    All India joint secretary Dr. Vikram Singh addressed the gathering. He addressed the issues of education citing the aim of SFI as spelled in our programme i.e. to ensure a democratic, scientific, secular and progressive education system. But today education is being made according to corporate houses rather than a student centric education process. Commercialization of education is affecting the common peoples. We have to take this policies among students to organize them against these policies. We have to demand for scientific and secular education. But BJP government is using science in a unscientific way. BJP/RSS is using so it is technology to propagate unscientific attitude among general public and students in particular. The need of hour is to expose this and strengthen the people’s voice against this. BJP government does not want to develop a rational society, which will ask questions as it will cause trouble to their cause of Hindu Rashtra. SFI has continuously waged struggles against this and will continue for betterment of students.  The only way to oppose is to strengthen the organization and oppose.
    Madhya Pradesh state president Kuldeep Pipal also addressed the meeting explaining the policies affecting the students in Madhya Pradesh as there is government of BJP for past 15 years. Dr. Sanjay Dabhade, a well known activist in education, congratulated the SFI for organizing this kind of convention against the policies of Modi government. Former SFI state secretary Dr. Maharudra Dake also addressed the public meeting in his energetic style. 
Presidential speech was delivered by state president Mohan Jadhav. He congratulated the Pune district committee of SFI for hosting this programme. State secretary Datta Chavan, state vice president Balaji Kaletwad, joint secretary Sunil Rathod, Manjushree Kabade, state secretariate member Rohidaas Jadhav and Meera Kamble were also present on the dias. 
    Convention demanded to strengthen the public education sector. By destroying the public education sector, central government is liquidating the public space and is promoting commercialization. On this issue all sections of the down trodden of the society comes together cutting across the religion and caste. Convention also demanded to start government school from primary to higher secondary level in every village should be under taken, Reservation for the students from rural areas in central and state universities and institutes is necessary, Democratic rights of the students should be assured, Government should provide nutritional food to the students, Free books, free uniform and transport facility should be given to all the students. On these demands convention decided to participate in all India march to parliament to be organized by SFI CEC on 26th February, 2015.