Sunday, 03 July 2022

sfi calicut

The indefinite hunger strike as part of SFI led occupy campus movement in Calicut university, Kerala raising the issues of hostel crisis and fighting the attempts to smash public education enters the 92th day and is getting strengthened day after day after gaining support from various sections of the society and until now unforeseen participation of the student community.

  The hunger strike began as a voice of resistance against the vicious attempts by the congress led UDF govt to destroy the democratic atmosphere of universities ever since they came to power in 2011. One of the first initiatives they have taken was to dissolve the democratically elected syndicate and senate in different universities and set up new bodies with the members nominated by congress and its allies. Ever since the current VC , Abdul salam, took the charge in the office the only thing he has been doing is that of playing the role of a lackey of the incumber UDF government to perfection. One after another the decisions taken by VC did nothing to improve the academic status of the largest university in Kerala , but it always involved snatching away all the democratic rights from the students making their academic life more difficult and putting it to the point of uncertainty. Banning protests and demonstrations in the university, introducing punching system for research scholars who will have to go for for field work and other research purposes out of the campus, stopping the scholarships from being distributed, cutting down a huge number of trees in the campus and damaging the rich ecological diversity, selling the university land to private authorities are jus few of the dirty games played by the obedient lackeys of the right wing government in the state.

  The VC continues to impose his autocratic decisions on not only students but teachers, staff and karmacharies and this time around they too have chose the option of struggle protesting the injustices meted out. SFI is at the forefront of the fights to protect democratic rights and dignity of student community. The hunger strike began when the VC opened the already scarce hostel facility of the regular students to other pernicious money-making schemes.

As the strike is passing through its 92th day, around fourty comrades have been arrested and hospitalised with serious health problems. Still more students are coming to the forefront and the struggle continues with a determined mind that it will be victorious. The administration and government are trying their maximum to oppress the struggle using police and threatening the students with disciplinary action. None could weaken the spirit of the brave movement and it becomes an inspiration for all the students who fights neoliberal-anti democratic onslaught on education across the nation.