Thursday, 02 February 2023
Rohidas Jadhav The SFI Maharashtra state camp was held at Wardha in the Vidarbha region from June 1-4, 2019. The SFI state camp, which is held regularly before the commencement of the academic year every year, was being held this time just a week after the Lok Sabha election results. It was attended by 112 delegates from 19 districts. They included 30 girl students. The venue was named after the veteran AIKS leader and ex-MP of Wardha, Ramchandra Ghangare, the hall after SFI martyr Abhimanyu, and the stage after the tribal girl who was forced to commit suicide, Dr Payal Tadvi. After the flag hoisting by SFI state president Balaji Kaletwad, the floral tributes to martyrs and the condolence resolution, the camp was inaugurated by AIKS state vice president and former SFI state president Yashwant Zade. The subjects and the teachers in the four-day class were as follows: 1. Education Policy and Challenges before the Student Movement – SFI national general secretary Mayukh Biswas; 2. Gender Equality – SFI national joint secretary Dipsita Dhar; 3. The Danger of Communalism – AIKS national president Dr Ashok Dhawale; 4. Identity Politics – AIKS national joint secretary Badal Saroj; 5. Climate Change and Drought – SFI state secretariat member Navnath More; 6. What is Socialism? – AIKS state vice president Dr Uday Narkar; 7. SFI Programme and Constitution – SFI state president Balaji Kaletwad; 8. SFI Organisation Building – SFI state secretary Rohidas Jadhav. The delegates had been divided into eight groups. After the placing of every subject, there was a good group discussion and a lively question-answer session. On the second day in the evening, the delegates conducted a fund collection campaign in Wardha city for two hours. A sum of Rs 23,932 was enthusiastically collected from the people. Every night there was a cultural session where delegates presented songs and other cultural items. The SFI state committee that was held along with the camp took the following decisions that were reported to and welcomed by the delegates with enthusiasm. 1. Launch a seven-day statewide fund collection drive from the people from June 15 to 22 and deposit all the amount collected at the state committee meeting in Mumbai on June 23-24. 2. The BJP-Shiv Sena state government has decided to close down hundreds of Zilla Parishad Marathi schools. This will throw out innumerable students from the rural areas from the educational stream. Against this, on July 1, the SFI will lead a statewide agitation at the district level and will mobilize students, teachers and parents. 3. The scholarship issue has again come to the fore. Thousands of students have not got their scholarships of last year. Scholarships for many courses have been stopped. This will affect innumerable poor and backward class students. The SFI will lead a statewide demonstration on this issue on the State Commissioner’s office in Pune in August. 4. Student elections have not been held in the state for many years. Even after the enactment of the new University Act which provided for elections, this has not been implemented. On August 9, there will be a statewide agitation on this issue and from August 28 to 31, the SFI will hold parallel elections in selected universities and colleges. 5. A state-level girl students convention will be organized by the SFI at Ulhasnagar in Thane district on August 11-12. This will be preceded by district-level conventions in July. 6. In view of the state assembly elections in October, this year’s membership campaign will be completed from July 1 to August 31. It is planned to cross the one lakh mark this year. To plan for this extended district committee meetings will be held in June and they will be attended by state secretariat members. In the concluding session, SFI state joint secretary Nitin Wavhale placed the credentials report. State secretary Rohidas Jadhav placed all the above decisions. State president Balaji Kaletwad in his concluding speech called upon all to spare no efforts to make all these tasks a great success. All mass organisations in Wardha district made excellent arrangements for this camp and their leaders and volunteers were profusely thanked amidst cheers. The camp ended with the spirited rendering of “We Shall Overcome”.
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The online edition of Student Struggle, the journal of the central executive committee of SFI has been launched today, January 24, by Sitaram Yechury, Former president of the organisation. He has also served as the editor of student struggle. He apreciated SFI for begining the online edition of its journal to reach out the masses engaged in social media and online reading. He described the history of student struggle which started it's journey in 1973. Biman Bose was the founder editor.  Sitaram also remembered how struggle struggle survived during emergency and it's role in fight against this undeclared emergency. Hannan Mollah, former general secretary of DYFI ,former general secretary of SFI, Vikram Singh were present. VP Sanu, President of SFI chaired the programme. Mayukh Biswas, General secretary of SFI delivered the welcome speech. Nitheesh Narayanan, editor of student struggle introduced about the online edition. Dinit Denta, All India Joint secretary also attended the programme. 
Student Struggle is the journal of the Central Executive Committee of The Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The SFI was formed in 1970 and the journal began publishing by 1973. It’s being printed regularly for the last five decades, with material on a wide range of subjects relevant during the time. It also introduces its readers to important developments in education, including the struggles for a better education system.
The online edition of Student Struggle was launched in January 2019, which would include content in addition to that are already available in print edition of Student Struggle. The online edition is available in 
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SFI Karnataka state committee has planned a massive movement protesting the severe negligence by the authorities in implementing the 371 J Act which assured special consideration for 6 districts, known as Hyderabad Karnataka districts (HK Districts), in Karnataka. A huge rally will be held to the HK rural development board at Kalburgi on 3rd January. This particular act acknowledges the backwardness of 6 districts and sanctions special schemes and priority in education and jobs. Rupees 200 crore was allotted for each district to implement this act. But there have been a continues negligence by the concerned authorities to ensure the act is implemented. Last year, 1000 crore was lapsed due to this laxity. There are 35000 job vacancies remaining unfilled apart from 8000 teaching posts laying vacant in these districts. No action committee or action plan was made even after the continues demands risen by the people. This has actually worsened the situation in these districts and the people have been discriminated in all spheres. SFI will spread the struggle to more areas till the authorities come up with a proper  plan of action to implement 371 J Act and provide justice to the people of the most backward districts of the state. 


 Negligence and poor infrastructure take yet another young life.

On 19th December morning, 13-year-old Joshna, a student of Murarji residential school of Mulabhagilu town, Kolar district ( Karnataka) breathed her last, succumbing to the severe injuries in a wall collapse of the School's washroom.

SFI condemns the brutal negligence of the district and taluk officials over the pathetic infrastructure of Murarji residential school, that has now murdered a young life.

SFI demands to take strict actions against the warden, district social welfare officer and taluk welfare officer who are responsible for this tragedy and demands a compensation of 10 lakhs to be given to the victim's family. If demands are not met within ten days, SFI warns to go for the gherao of District social welfare office.

SFI has started a movement for prohibiting the use of poorly maintained buildings of educational institutions in the town. The authorities should investigate the infrastructural conditions of educational institutions and should conduct an immediate maintenance work for old infrastructures in Kolar. SFI demands the construction of new hostel buildings and toilets in all schools and colleges. 

Let no more life be compromised due to mismanagement and arrogance of authorities. And we assert that it is the responsibility of the Government to allocate more funds for building and maintaining the infrastructure of educational institutions.