Thursday, 02 February 2023
“Condemn the attack of BJP hooligans on SFI Tripura state secretary and his family”
Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India condemns in strongest possible words the planned and heinous attack on SFI Tripura state secretary comrade Nabarun Deb and his family members by the hooligans of the BJP and RSS last night.  Comrade Nabaruna and his family were attacked by a group of BJP cadres three times yesterday. First these hooligans attacked Nabarun Deb’s house when he was not in his house. They in a most inhumanly way physically abused and threatened his old parents. After this incident these hooligans attacked Nabarun Deb’s uncle’s house and threw a bomb there. At midnight when comrade Nabarun Deb was coming back after registering FIR against these antisocial elements of the Saffron family, they again attacked the comrade with weapon. It was with the resistance of local people that they were forced to escape.
This shows the real face of BJP and their violent mode of operation. The manner in which these goons attacked old parents shows the shameful character of RSS. They always use violence against the organized democratic movement and its leadership. However, RSS should remember that this terror tactics will be defeated by the people’s unity in Tripura as well as elsewhere.
Comrade Nabarun Deb is popular leader of the state and a front leader against the communal politics of the BJP. BJP is trying to spread its venomous politics in the state of Tripura and is using all kinds of methods including money and muscle. They consider SFI as a major hurdle in these nefarious plans. SFI state unit and CEC are determined to fight against these forces and students of the nation are with comrade Nabarun Deb.
Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India demands immediate action against the culprits. We will intensify students’ struggles against these communal forces throughout India.
Released By
VP Sanu  (President)    Vikram Singh  (General Secretary)
18056822 439225346422299 575125539191188302 nThe Central Executive Committee of SFI extends all its support for ongoing struggle of All India Kisan Sabha for justice for late Pehlu Khan, a Dairy farmer who was killed by self proclaimed ‘gou rakshaks’ at Alwar. It was a was part of conscious efforts and conspiracy by the Hindu Communal forces led by the RSS to systematically and slowly poisoning the society with communal hatred and intolerance with the aim of dividing the people for narrow political and electoral benefits.
The AIKS has successfully interpreted the issue of cow protection as an agrarian issue rather than a communal issue. The RSS – BJP efforts to prevent cattle trade and closing down of cattle fair is an assault on the rights of peasantry on their cattle wealth.
This is not an isolated incident; similar developments are there in throughout country. Student community of the nation is facing the similar attacks in campuses where self proclaimed pseudo nationalists are trying to dictate their saffron terms undermining the democratic process and rights of the students. We are in struggle against these forces and feels that only a broader unity of all sections of the society can successfully protect our Constitutional rights.
CEC of SFI calls upon all its units to support and participate in the communal amity meeting at village and local levels across the country on 30th April 2017.  This will ensure better unity of the people in the resistance against the communal forces all over the country since this is serious issues that endanger the unity and peaceful existence of the country and the people.
VP Sanu (President)                  
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)  
In a disturbing episode, Pakistani government has rejected the request of the Indian high commission to allow consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav; former navy personnel who was sentenced to death by Pakistani military court on 10th April.
It has been highlighted by various commentators that entire procedure has been conducted in an extremely secretive manner, with glaring legal loopholes. This has been used by the right wing elements in the both the country to flare up animosity between both the countries. A regressive cacophony is being raised that Indian government should adopt a similar approach with the Pakistani war criminals that are in Indian jails. Such an approach will derail the entire diplomatic process between the two countries.
SFI condemns the attitude of the Pakistani government and demands that due legal process be followed. Indian government must pursue all available diplomatic channels to ensure that justice is done to Kulbhushan Jadhav. We are with the family and friends of Kulbhushan in this moment of grief.
Released by
VP Sanu (President)
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)


The Central Executive Committee of SFI condemns the barbaric assault on protesting students by the Chandigrah Police and slapping of sedition charges against 52 students, for the crime of resisting an obnoxious fee hike in Panjab University. The shameful assault happened on 11th April when the students had called for a University Strike and a protest at VC’s office.
The Panjab University, which is considered to be one of the best in the NAAC, is facing severe financial crisis due to fund cuts. University has been forced to take the route of ‘internal resource mobilization’ in the wake of severe fund crunch. The senate of the university decided to increase the fees for the academic year 2017-18. In the B Pharma course, the fee was raised from Rs 5,080 to Rs50,000 and in MA (journalism) course, the fee was hiked from Rs5,290 to Rs 30,000. For PU’s dental course, the fees were increased from Rs86, 400 to Rs1.50 lakh. What we are witnessing in Panjab University is the bankruptcy of the neoliberal model of education.
Students have been protesting this ludicrous fee hike and arm twisting by the University administration and the MHRD for a while now. The protest on the 11th was one in a series of strikes, sit-ins, marches and talks with the VC which failed. In a brazen display of state power, the Chandigarh Police which comes under the Union Government, entered the University and soon started an indiscriminate round of water cannons, tear gas and lathi charge to break the protests of the students. Many students were injured in the lathicharge as well as water cannons. The protesting students were forced to take refuge in a Gurudwara situated in the University Campus. It needs to be underlined that the Congress government of the state hasn’t even condemned this steep fee hike or the police crackdown- only to show its accomplice in the entire design.
Entire state machinery has been used to sabotage the movement, with draconian sections being used against the student leaders. We would like to remind the Chandigarh Police that democratic movement of students will only gain strength in the face of this state assault. The CEC of SFI demands that all the draconian charges must be removed immediately.
We appeal all democratic sections to unite in the face of this massive commercialization of education which will snatch away education from the children of peasants and workers of not only Punjab, but also the neighbouring states of Himachal and Haryana. Student movement will seek all support from the wider democratic movement to push away this move. History of Punjab has been a history of valiant struggles by the students and Youth; and the current generation is paying true tributes to that legacy by rewriting the history of struggles.
Released by
VP Sanu (President)
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)