Thursday, 02 February 2023

Central Executive Committee of Students Federation of India strongly condemns the atrocious move by the UGC to scrap the exam scheduled for July, 2017 which will now happen on 19th of November. This also means that the NET exam in December won't be happening this time. This leads to a situation where under the carpet the ministry is curtailing the bi annual NET examination and making it a yearly event. The number of students qualifying NET exam every will effectively reduce to half if it is held yearly. All this is being done without any policy document of the UGC. The functioning of UGC lacks absolute transparency and this also exposes the nature and authoritarian way of functioning of this government.

In another draconian move they are lowering down the total percentage of students who qualify for NET from 15% under each category to 6% of overall students appearing for NET exam. Although the UGC claims that the reservation criteria will be implemented within this 6% of students who qualify but that will also result in a sharp decrease in the total number of students who qualify NET. This effectively means that the total number of students qualifying NET exam every year will come down to 3% as compared to the current bi-annual mode. There are thousands of teaching posts vacant in higher educational institutions of the country, with drastic reduction in numbers qualifying NET, this is an attack on employment of thousands students who are potential candidates for these teaching posts.

A fraction of the students who qualify NET exam are eligible for Junior Research Fellowship. The lowering of total numbers of those qualifying NET will direct impact the number of students being awarded JRF. The UGC on an earlier instance in the year 2015 had proposed to withdraw Non-NET fellowship which met with vehement protests throughout the nation and UGC was forced to revoke it. This comes as another attack on students pursuing research.

The UGC has also proposed to make NET mandatory for admission to research. NET is an examination which tests the aptitude of teaching it nowhere is aimed to test aptitude of research skills. Equating both cannot be substantiated by any logic. With drastic seat cut in M.Phil/ Phd following the implementation of UGC Gazette Notification, 2016, in effect the government has planned to shut down research.

The SFI calls upon all its units across the country to organize protests from the 17th to 23rd of June against the draconian move of the UGC.

V.P Sanu Vikram Singh
(President) (General Secretary)

IITMThe Central Executive Committee of Students Federation of India Condemns the brutal assault on IIT Madras student R. Sooraj by the right wing hindutva forces inside the campus. Sooraj, a participant in a protest against the newly brought ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets, was subjected to a group attack which resulted in serious injury to his right eye.  
This recent order by the central government is another declaration of war on the democratic rights of the people. The democratic communities and secular forces of this country have stated that it is an attack on the cultural diversity of the nation and also, an assault on the small cattle traders and their livelihood. On the other hand this should also be seen as an assault on the federal system of the country. 
On 28th May, a programme was organised in IITM Campus, as a mark of protest against the central government order in which Sooraj, a PhD scholar also participated in solidarity with the nationwide agitation.  After the peaceful discussion, the students ate beef and expressed their protest against the ban. The shocking incidents unravelled after some of the perpetrators issued open threats to student participants of the discussion, on social media. The student who damaged Sooraj’s right eye, Manish Kumar Singh had called up participants of the beef festival and had warned them of dire consequences.  Manish Kumar Singh has the dubious record of threatening and manhandling students even in earlier incidents within the campus. Seven students surrounded Sooraj during lunch time at a hostel canteen on Tuesday and attacked him. The attackers had the gall to follow Sooraj to hospital and threaten him there.  Sooraj has been shifted to Apollo Hospital and requires eye surgery. A case has been filed with the Tamil Nadu Police and a complaint has been registered with IIT administration also.
Students Federation of India extends its solidarity with Sooraj and other IITM students in their struggle for democratic rights to discussion and protest. We demand that the IIT administration act briskly on this issue, and expel the culprits behind this heinous crime. We also demand that strong legal action be taken against all other perpetrators of this dreadful attack. SFI appeals to all democratic and progressive sections to rally together to defeat the hindutva and neo-liberal assault on the lives of the millions and also to protect the democratic spaces in campuses. 
                            Released By
VP Sanu (President)              Vikram Singh (General Secretary)
hp1Condemn the Brutal ABVP Attack on SFI Activists in Himachal Pradesh University 
The Central Executive Committee of SFI, in the strongest possible words condemns the brutal attack on SFI activists by the ABVP goons in Himachal Pradesh University. The assault with swords and iron rods was unleashed by the saffron brigade who entered into the mess hall of  Tagore hostel at yesterday night. Six comrades including the SFI unit Vice President Keval Kumar and Hostel president Vaibav Aman were hospitalized with severe injuries.
SFI has been leading militant struggles against the corrupt Vice Chancellor of HP University for a long time. One of the first activities of this VC after coming to office was to ban students’ union elections in the university. He was in forefront to curb all the democratic spaces and voices in the campus. He was dancing at the tune of Sangh Parivar and ABVP.  SFI demanded to not give him a second period as VC after the completion of his first term. ABVP wanted the VC to get extended his period in the office. While the huge majority of the student community has been firmly rallying with the slogans raised by SFI the rejected ABVP looked upon the corrupt and anti-student Vice Chancellor as their refuge.  This is the primary reason which led to a gruesome attack on SFI leaders by the frustrated ABVP criminals. 
SFI demands the Himachal Pradesh state government to take immediate action against the murder attempt on SFI leaders. We appeal to all democratic and secular sections to rally together to protect the democratic spaces of university campuses across the country. 
                              Released By
VP Sanu (President)                  Vikram Singh (General Secretary)
Central executive committee of Students Federation of India condemns the brutal lathi charge of Telangana Police on the peacefully protesting activists of SFI and other left organisations at Indira Park today. In this lathi charge state secretary of Student Federation of India Kota Ramesh and others sustained serious injuries.
This was a peaceful protest organised by various left organisation including SFI, CITU and TSF. Many other organisations joined the protest. This was a protest to save the democratic right to protest- to save the place of protest in the city ‘Dharna Chowk’. It was a peaceful protest when police personnel in close association with TRS associated goons without any provocation attacked the protesters and brutally thrashed the protesters. Many activists are hospitalised.
It is important to mention that TRS Government in an autocratic manner issued a diktat to ban any kind of protest at the Dharna Chowk. As name indicates Dharna Chowk is a place where people organise protests to raise their voice and discontents. As in other cities, in the name of urbanisation and administration there is an effort to snatch the places where common people can exercise their democratic right of protest.  It is important to mention here that, ‘Dharna Chowk’ near Indira Park was earlier assigned for protests. As the policy of ruling class, TRS mobilised some of its supporters in the name of common citizens and attacked the protesters with police.
Students Federation of India is firmly with this ongoing movement and demands a judicial inquiry into the unprovoked lathicharge, CEC also demands that, action should be taken against the culprit police personnel and the goons who attacked the protesters. 
              Released by
 VP Sanu                      Vikram Singh
(President)                  (General Secretary)