Thursday, 02 February 2023

The Central Executive Committee of SFI demands an immediate and credible enquiry on the recently held JNU Entrance Examinations 2019-20 following which have had serious flaws in the entire conduct of it. For the first time, the examination was conducted online by the National Testing Agency. There were huge resistance over of conducting the All India Entrance of JNU on Online basis from the past few months. The SFI had raised the problems with Online tests from the start. The changes in the entrance examination pattern were brought about without consulting the JNU Students' Union or were brought about violating democratic decision making bodies. The examinations took place at various centres between 26th May-30th May. Several news of leaking of question paper, mal-functioning and that of technical glitches started going rounds in media. Several candidates came out to speak how the examination was conducted without any proper preparation. Through different media reports, it was alleged that some of the papers were leaked on the 27th over Whatsapp even before the examination was over. Also, like every year, when any paper timing clashed, students could opt for the paper they could wish to take, but this year to a surprise candidates was forcefully made to take the examination on randomly selected options. When they denied, the officials at the Test Centres neither were able to help those candidates. What has also come to light through the JNUSU that the entrance papers in certain centres were majorly copy pasted from certain websites, raising huge questions on the quality and credibility of the entrance test. This was primarily the case in centres that did not see the formation of the admission committee as is the rule. After facing these issues, several students around the country have written to the NTA demanding to have an enquiry regarding the leaking of paper and also the technical glitches which happened. But till date, the NTA has neither initiated an enquiry not probed into the matter. It is in such a situation SFI demands an immediate enquiry on the issue. We appeal all democratic sections to have solidarity with the same demand and resist the attempts to destroy one of the premier institutes of higher education in the country. Released by VP Sanu, President Mayukh Biswas, General Secretary