Thursday, 02 February 2023

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The Central Executive Committee of SFI pays our heartfelt homages to the demise of Comrade Simon Britto who have left us after living an extraordinary life as a 'living martyr'. In 1983, when Comrade Britto was SFI State Vice-President, he was attacked and stabbed by KSU-Congress(I) goons. So bloody was the attack that he had to spend 3 months bed-ridden leaving his body was paralyzed spine down. But by sheer courage and determination, he got back to life, thereby earning the title of “Living Martyr”. 

The deep spinal injuries had paralysed his body chest down. He continued living with upholding the same politics and values of the white flag of SFI. He emerged as a vibrant voice of left in Kerala. Comrade Britto, living in wheel chair, traveled across the nation and wrote enormously. He was also served as an member of Kerala legislative assembly as a nominated member from Anglo-Indian community. He remained a huge source of inspiration to all SFI cadres and left activists throughout his life. 

Today, at the age of 64, Comrade Simon Britto breathed the last. He will be remembered and hounered forever by the progressive student community in all its struggle against the right wing forces.

Red Salutes to Comrade Simon Britto.

Released by

VP Sanu, President

Mayukh Biswas, General Secretary