Thursday, 02 February 2023

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As part of the fellowship movement the central executive committee of SFI urged all the university units and research institutes to organise protest demonstration for increasing fellowship and its regular disbursement. SFI will be holding protest demonstration on these demands on 21st December, 2018. SFI demands that the government has to intervene in the following matters with urgency:

  1.  Non-NET fellowships should be increased by at-least 50 % from the current session.
  2. A hike according to the inflation of last 4 years and regular disbursement of fellowship of JRF, CSIR and ICCSR or ICHR has to be done.
  3. A parity of amount needs to be maintained while awarding scholarship across the higher education institutes.
  4. The notification for scholarship like MANF, RGNF or SVSGC which has a particular target population cannot be untimely and irregular.
  5. More scholarship in the post graduate level has to be ensured for the people who are coming from weaker financial section of society with preference to those from marginalized communities and to increase the present post graduate level scholarships according to the inflation of last 4 years.