Friday, 31 March 2023

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The Central Executive Committee of SFI extends its warm solidarity and complete support with the protesting students of TISS Hyderabad against the anti-student administration who have launched a series of attempts to dismantle the institution. The administration of TISS, without any consultation with the student body or in any democratic platform, has taken a decision to scrap the Bachelor’s in social sciences course. They have also decided to close down the residential facility in the Rajendran Nagar campus. The students have been protesting since December 10 demanding the reversion of the administration’s decisions. 
These decisions have come to light only when the notification for the upcoming academic year was out on Oct. 31st, during the vacation period to avoid any larger mobilisation to the autocratic decisions they took. Students immediately registered their anguish over the decisions and reminded the administration about the repercussions may follow if the decisions are carried. The director refused to meet the students or address their concerns and queries. It was only after the students warned the administration on a fee boycott, the TISS Students’ Council was called for a meeting with the Director Shalini Bharat on November 22, 2018, wherein she refused to roll back any of the decisions. Students were left with no option but to wage a battle to the authoritarian administration. The protesting students have also raised concerns over the scholarship and fees.
We see the decision of TISS administration in connection with the larger attacks going on in the country against social science courses. The developments in TISS are also pinpointing multiple nature of assaults on higher education in the country. Therefore the resistance built by the students in TISS Hyderabad deserves a larger solidarity from all who stands in defence of critical thinking and democratic campus.    
SFI demand the TISS administration to immediatly withdraw the decisions to scrap BA courses and to make the campus a non-residential one. SFI stands in solidarity with the protesting students of TISS Hyderabad and also appeals the larger sections to extend their support to the ongoing battle. 
Relesed By
VP Sanu (President)  Mayukh Biswas (General Secretary)