Thursday, 11 August 2022

Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India expresses its anguish and serious concern on the CBSE question paper leak of Class 10 Mathematics and Class 12 Economics. Lakhs of the students have been forced to undergo strenuous harassment and mental torture due to this paper leak.
This is a complete failure of CBSE to ensure the secrecy of the examination as incidences of leaking of question paper has become a trend. A similar allegation of the paper leak was made during the Class XII accountancy exam, which was also acknowledged by Delhi deputy chief minister but CBSE has denied, investigation of these allegations should be done on an urgent basis.
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that re-examination will be conducted for Class 10 Mathematics and Class 12 Economics papers but till now has not announced the new dates. It is very easy for any official of CBSE to give orders to re-conduct the examinations but it is very difficult for them to realize the kind of mental pressure and trauma students are going through due to this failure of CBSE. It also takes huge efforts and time to prepare for the exam and go through the entire process of examination. Mere cancellation of the exam will not serve the purpose but the culprits who are involved in this scam should be pinned down and punished. There is complete lack of seriousness on the part of the government to address the failure be it in the case of SCC question paper leakage or this the culprits are roaming scot-free while the future of lakhs of students is at stake. Examinations of 10th and 12th are stepping stones for a students’ academic career and this lackadaisical attitude of CBSE and this government will result in nothing else but jeopardizing the career of lakhs of students.
During this regime of BJP question paper scam is various examinations have become a practice and explains the complete failure of government. This also shows the lack of political will of BJP government to fight the corruption. SFI demands a rapid and time-bound enquiry to identify the culprits and punish them. At the same time, CBSE should ensure that these incidents should not be repeated in future.
Released by
VP Sanu, President                                                                    Vikram Singh, General Secretary