Thursday, 11 August 2022

The Central Executive Committee of SFI strongly condemns all forces responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Yemen and expresses its deep concern at the continuing armed conflict in Syria and Yemen.
The saddening and gruesome Syrian war has taken a new turn in East Ghouta, a suburb located near Damsacus, the capital of Syria. According to reports, nearly 500 persons including children and women have died in this battle. The Syrian conflict is one of the worst humanitarian where children are dying or surviving with critical injuries. It goes without saying that this episode is the latest reminder of the need for all the actors involved in the bloody war to sit down and chalk out some resolutions. While the UN Security Council has unanimously decided upon on ceasefire in the region, its implementation is doubtful since the opposition in Syria consists of several radical Jihadi groups who are non-state actors.
Amidst this tragedy, it is important that the progressive forces do not fall prey to the mischievous designs of the West and NATO. Almost all the Western media houses and government officials have used East Ghouta battle to channelize opposition to Syrian Government and Russia. It is true that Syrian government under Assad and Russia are not saints and has committed human rights violations in this bloody war. But amidst this cacophony against Assad and Russia by NATO and the western media, the role of several Jihadi groups and the NATO in shaping Syrian crisis is completely forgotten.  These Jihadi groups have inflicted massive sufferings for Syrians in enclaves controlled by them, even to the extent of not allowing them to escape during battles. All of them are propelled and assisted by the West and its allies in Middle East. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and have directly assisted in the formation of these groups. While the USA claims that these are moderate forces, even their top officials like Former Secretary of State John Kerry have accepted their radical nature in non-publicized hearings. Saudi backed Nusra front which controlled Aleppo, until liberated by Syrian Army in Dcember 2016, for all practical purposes is the Al-Qaeda outlet in Syria.  The role of these organisations in the Syrian crisis and their western backing, including in Eastern Ghouto is obliterated by the Western press and governments in the narrative about Syrian war, to give a direct platform for their intervention in Syria, which will only result in Syria becoming a satellite and failed state like Iraq or Libya. It is important that these sinister designs of West are exposed while understanding the Syrian Crisis.
The hypocrisy of West becomes even more evident in their complete silence regarding the crisis in Yemen. More than 10000 Yemeni citizens have died in Yemen due to Saudi bombing. As a result of this war, Yemen has witnessed a massive cholera epidemic which has endangered the lives of many. At the moment, 22 million citizens in Yemen are in need of humanitarian help. But because of the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, even basic amenities are not reaching citizens of Yemen. But the West does not shed crocodile tears for Yemen unlike Syria because of the direct involvement of their ally in the region, Saudi Arabia. 
Both the Syrian and Yemen crisis are reminders of what ominous external interventions can turn countries into. While it is important that we remain of critical of domestic actors like Syrian president Assad and his allies, we should never forget the damaging role of NATO and its allies in exacerbating this crisis.
This blatant conspiracy and attack on Syria and Yemen must be condemned and stopped by the United Nations Security Council. We also condemn the efforts of the United States, the NATO and their allies imposing their will by backing the fundamentalist armed rebels. The Central Executive Committee of SFI also takes oath to continue their struggle to achieve peace, solidarity with uncompromising fight against the imperialism and its allies.
VP Sanu ( President)                                                                                                                                                Vikram Singh ( General Secretary)